Another Year has gone…

My blog just turned 1!!
oh my, time really flies… Actually I don’t really know I started food blogging since March! ok.. I thought it was May. Was browsing through the older post till I finally realize this ;P clumsy me.
And guess it was these that ignited my contemplation to start off with photo taking, developing enhanced interest in FOOD!


The very first dish I blogged about ;P
Brought all those memory back.
Tend to hold back whenever we take pictures of the food, worrying what others might ruminate about us. 😉 From a handphone to a camera with the norm to deliver the best in each snap. *well, I hope Chris did impress you guys* hehe. Hope there will be more to come!

Another gratification from writing was the extension of our network of friends. Bloggers & Floggers! Easy-going and…. experienced!
Will continue to deliver my best as…… I’m………..

Brought up 2 Share!!
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4 Replies to “Another Year has gone…”

  1. Happy Belated 1st Bloggerversary!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to ~Brought up 2 SharE~

    Keep makan-ing~~ Keep blogging~~

  3. Sigh, I’m late again. Happy Belated Birthday.

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks! what have you been busying lately ya? ;P

    thank you!
    he’s happy to hear that! ;P

    thanks gal! hope you’ll keep on reading 🙂

    *smilin* thanks ya!!

    thanks mintien! hope to see you guys at strathclyde soon! 🙂

    thanks to you, the tai kar jie! Hugz!

    xie xie ni! yea… let’s keep on the makan spirit ;P

    it’s never too late:)
    thanks a lot!

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