Malacca Trip Part 1: Nancy’s Kitchen


We reached the town quite fast.
No traffic congestion.
No hindrance.

We set foot in this little town with overfond of local delicacies.
Just couldn’t bear the temptation around.
A must have.
the Nyonya food.

One of the highly valued type of cuisine in Malacca and assimilated in our local communities.
We settled at Nancy’s Kitchen nestled at Jonker street after hours of driving and looking for accommodation.
and..we’re very hungry!

Tucked away at one of the small lane just off Jalan Hang Jebat, it might be little but they serve good peranakan (baba and nyonya) delicacy that denotes our palate excitement! With an interior dating from far back or long-established, the restaurant is old-fashioned in a way that is intended to be attractively quaint.

The Nyonya Fried MeeHoon was a thumbs up! With the correct amount of spice and ‘wok hei’, it just tasted more than average! RM3.50 for the small portion.

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We also went for their Deep Fried Squid for RM9. Quite disappointed with this dish as there were just too much flour fastened on these squids. They immersed the squids on too much flour. Thought that we ate the flour more than the squid ;(

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However, the Steam Otak-Otak saved our declining expectations! Tasty and fragrant, suddenly my stomach began to growl again 😉 RM10 per serving.

Their recommendation, the Sek Bak, literally the Pork in Spicy Black Sauce is priced at RM9 for the smallest portion. Highly satisfied with this dish 🙂 The pork slices were tender and went well with the sauce although it’s not really spicy. This was served with hard-boiled eggs. Wonder if it’s braised?

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How can we leave without feeding ourselves with Nyonya kuihs? Chris and I went to the back of the restaurant where all the kuihs are displayed on their framework of kuihs storage.

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We chose these…

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Sweet treats that stuffed adequately. We then headed off for a stroll around the town.
Ahoy 😉
More food jaunting!

Nancy’s Kitchen
15 Jalan
Hang Lekir

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18 Replies to “Malacca Trip Part 1: Nancy’s Kitchen”

  1. Nice pics!!
    Nyonya food is always unique:D
    I’m not well and your deep fried squids pic is not helping..hehe:)

  2. you didn’t try their nyonya “bak chang” and pineapple tarts? yummy though…

  3. I love Malacca food BUT XT said there’s nothing much about the place… *slaps forehead*

  4. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Melaka food is really good. The otak-otak looks good. But we’ve not came across this place when we visited Melaka. Awaiting for more posts on Melaka.

  5. wow…. yr photo looks so much better with yr new camera!! I miss those nice food from Malacca

  6. Yum yum! Authentic nyonya food from Melaka. Too bad I didn’t try any on my previous trip 🙁

  7. ohhh… they are so nice! i wan those squods and otak-otak! wan those really authentic food! yum~

  8. the meehoon looks appetising…so does the otak-otak! i bet the kuihs were sweet and fragrant…am hungry now!your pics are real teasers! 🙂

  9. nyonya, nyonya…. when you become nyonya lar….kekekekkekekekee where is your baba?

  10. Yummy looking food!!! I love Jonker St. SO many things to see and eat.

  11. East Meets West Kitchen says: Reply

    Just hopped by and love your pictures. You’re making me miss all that Malacca and all that food. 🙂

  12. I miss Nyonya food! The otak otak really caught my attention.

  13. Ooooo…Nyonya food…I like the fried beehoon and otak-otak!

  14. yummm….my favorite otak-otak and nyonya kuih…nice post !!!

  15. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    get well soon ok? well… the squids wasn’t that good after all, so I guess it’ll not do any bad to you ;P

    no.. 🙁 too many to try! haha… perhaps during my 2nd trip?

    there are lots to discover actually… going there once in a while.. I always find it new ;P I have yet to try other delicacies ^^ maybe you should pay a visit? ;P

    I didn’t know about this place either.. Chris’s cousin brought us here. The food was nice.. and I miss them right now! ;P

    thx 😉 I miss them too…

    so when u’re heading malacca again? remember to go for nyonya ya! ^^

    we can hardly get nice nyonya food here hor? or do you know any? perhaps we could make our way there ;P

    the dishes here are really appetising.. and those nyonya kuihs are memorable also! U should try 😉

    big boys oven~
    my baba working o… lol

    precious pea~
    High 5! I love this jonker too ^^

    East Meets West Kitchen~
    hi there! thx for dropping by 😉
    I’m also glad that… I can make you drool! ^^

    the otak otak was a good one. Not too spicy, fragrant and… has the kick! ;P

    hehe… so.. are you gonna pay a visit to this place? Worth a try ^^

    thx. I heart those kuihs and otak otak too 🙂 We should ‘ta pao’ those kuihs! aiyak ;P

  16. i miss the otak otak..freaking yummy:)

  17. Nyonya food is very unique…have you tried the sambal bendil or the ikan goreng masak chilli??? Its heavenly!

  18. Nyonya food is very unique…have you tried the sambal bendil or ikan goreng masak chilli? Its heavenly!
    Its made with the freshest ingredients! That's why it tastes soo great!

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