New Formosa Restaurant @ SS2

It has really been a ravishing night. A night for an intense delight dinner with fellow flogger friends. Chris and I would like to extend our deepest thanks and heartfelt sincerity towards Jeanie Lee’s invitation. Her friendly and generous reception truly amazed us, where her enthusiasm, affection and kindness toward her patrons can actually be felt greatly! So knowledgeable, so capable. Ms. Jeanie’s husband, is the chef and the owner of this genuine restaurant.

For those who don’t have the idea, she’s actually the lady fronting the New Formosa Restaurant. With growing ideas and thoughts of the Taiwanese dishes of undisputed origin, their variety of dishes made available has become less preserved! From traditional home-styled dishes extending to steamboats, stone-fire pot and even a gourmet meal!

Along with the good companies of Big Boys Oven, Jackson, KampungBoyCityGal, Sugar Bean and Ai Wei, we were ever-delighted when we browsed through the upfront menu placed on our reserved table. My anticipation towards the dishes of the night never fails me. Every dish turned out to be marvelous. Writing this now made me crave for more!

Our first serving of the night: the Simmered Winter Melon that is served in a carved winter melon. Bubbled gently with dried baby scallops, chinese mushrooms, diced chicken, fish maw and gingko nuts, this savoury liquid dish soothing. The uppermost skin is decoratively cut, so that what is presented is a decorative centerpiece. Tasty!
Pricing: RM45 (for 5 to 6 persons), RM90 (for 10 to 11 persons)

Some of the dishes that are suitable to be eaten with the Sweet Taiwanese Porridge include:

Taiwanese Hakka Pineapple Intestine. This authentic dish also managed to captivate our palate’s attention as they just taste right. The pork intestines were cleaned thoroughly to eliminate the unpleasant odour. The combination of the gravy also match flawlessly.
Pricing: RM14.50

Sesame Prawns. My favourite! Fresh jumping prawns being deep fried with a generous coating of sesame seeds. So crispy on the outside yet generating the light and confident prawn texture! Not to forget the aroma generated and the plum sauce for dipping.. Yummy!!
Pricing: RM26

Taiwanese Braised Belly Meat & Dried Beancurd. It’s a dish that comprises the luring three layers of belly meat, dried bean curd or pumpkin or sweet potato, glutinous rice, five spices powder, hints of chili sauce, bean paste and chinese wine. Another likeable preparation.
Pricing: RM16

Special Silky Bean Curd with Shredded Black Wood Ears, Shredded Pork with Salted Fish. A preparatory drawing Chris’s vote. Silky soft tofu with the correct amount of tasty ingredients. Delicious gravy pouring over this serving of healthy food rocked our palate.
Pricing: RM12

Let’s move on to other dishes served:

The Taiwanese Traditional Steamed Crab Rice was really a wonder! Not just ordinary rice, but with three different types of whole-grain rice (white, red and black unpolished rice). Other ingredients that helped boost its tastiness is the chinese mushrooms, sausage, dried shrimps, scallions minced pork and the crabs! The rice were fragrant and unforgettable. Fell in love with this totally 😉
Pricing: RM 34 or RM68 (depending on the size of serving)

Another entrancing dish laying prominently on our table, ta-Da! Sizzling Salmon with Taiwanese Salted Cabbage! Guess everyone just loved it. We walloped this just after a moment. *after photo shooting* LoL. ;P This salmon dish was a nourishing one! The distinctive smell exerted was able to clear my thoughts ;D
Pricing: RM6 per 50 grams

Craving for another untainted savoury? Then try their Crispy Chestnuts Duck with Three Colour Pickles! A combination of the sweetness of chestnuts and delicate taste that penetrates deep into the juicy duck meat… Delicious? *nod nod* Thumbs up 🙂
Pricing: RM28 for half bird

Not to miss out this first-hand Taiwanese dish of course! The Taiwanese Special Red Mee Sua Broth was another special one! The typical mee sua that we had we most of the time will be cooked with oysters right? The servings we had was otherwise different as instead of oysters, Bonito (katsuo) fish was used as a substitution. This made the soup/gravy base enriched with bonito fish’s essence! Oysters were not used as consuming them in long-term will generate potential risks for high cholesterol. Being health conscious, New Formosa is always thinking what’s best for their customers. Other ingredients include shrimps, shredded pork, carrot, chinese mushrooms and chinese cabbage.
Pricing: RM9

A bowl of Black Sesame Sweet Broth with Glutinous Rice Balls to end the menu, we thought… That was not just it. More sweet surprises coming up 🙂
The black sesame broth was really smooth. Along with the chewy and cute glutinous rice ball, they blended together perfectly without adulteration. I’ve learnt that consuming these in long-term would help to beautify the scalp and the hair, and also provide benefits to the skin!
Pricing: RM3.80 per bowl

The Sour Plum Juice definitely helped boost our shrinking tasting effort due to overloading of such nice foods earlier. It aids our digestion rate as well. Beneficial aren’t they? A drink of veracity and quenched our thirst and desire.

Jeanie ‘s hospitality was still extending, contributing us with additional subtle desserts that really got me addicted ;P What’s the temptation?

The Hand Made Glutinous Rice Pieces (Mochi) was showered with plentiful fragrant peanut flakes! Not too sweet.. we heart these.

There were also a variety servings of Puddings! From Green Tea Aloe Vera, Mango, Custard Caramel to Honey Herbal. These are the puddings equipped with likeable flavours that help ensure a robust health after consumption!

Another temptation at heart, the Yam Gingko Pudding (known as O-Ni) which was served piping hot! A preparation of mashed yam topped with gingko bulbs. We were dazzled with its soft texture and yielding smoothness. Once being popped into our mouth, we felt dependency on it. We just need another spoonful! ;P It was like love at first sight as we have not tried this before.

Melted our souls towards the hot dessert preparation of Formosa Special Sweet Yam, we find this new and special indeed. Caramelized with malt sugar and sesame seeds that gave the irresistible crunchiness, these sweet characteristics matched flawlessly with the hot yam. Thumbs up again!

Good things have not stop just yet. Special thanks to Big Boys Oven, we were all fed with their beautiful and flavoured enriching cupcakes! Ever since I had a bad experience over cupcakes that were too sweet, I’ll try avoid having them again as I’m afraid that I’ll be overdose with those sweetness! Well, BBO changed my mind! Good one with the creams…! Yummy! I’m in love with cupcakes again ;P

Sunny made us some Gingerbread as a gift of remembrance too! How thoughtful 🙂
Anyway, it’s not edible. They’re sprayed with preservatives, so they now served as an ornament! Such pretty ornaments for Christmas deco right? ;P

We really enjoyed the accompaniment of dear floggers as well as Jeanie’s enticing and friendly personality 🙂 Another memorable dinner…

The friendly host, Jeanie Lee 🙂

When I told my mom about this dinner the next day…

me: Mom… I went to this restaurant that serves Taiwanese specialties in SS2. Mom: Taiwanese food? Formosa? me: eh..? You been there before? Mom: I went there even before you were born! Even before I got married to your dad! wow… It’s been so long since my last visit..
28 years of establishment is really worth more than just praiseworthy! What’s more when their business is getting better! A great achievement no doubt 🙂

Happy 28th Anniversary to New Formosa!
.. and many more years to come!

In conjunction with New Formosa Restaurant’s 28th Anniversary, they’ve offered the promotion menu (what we had ~please refer above) that valid till 31st January 2008:

  • 10% discounts on food on every Saturday and Sunday
  • If payment is made by credit card, 5% discounts will be given.
  • Free corkage

Click for enlarged map 🙂

New Formosa Restaurant
46, Jalan SS2/24,

47300 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor D.E.

Tel: 03-7875 1894 / 019-3353 274


Business Hours:
Opens daily: 12pm-2.30pm / 6pm-11pm

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24 Replies to “New Formosa Restaurant @ SS2”

  1. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Wow, can’t believe that you’re posting this so soon! Good job, nice photos! Yeah, we had a pleasant dinner too. Among all, we like the Formosa Special Sweet Yam most! Really really delicious!

  2. the special sweet is nice!! yamm yamm.. and i love the crab rice!!! argggg *Hungry*

  3. oh u went for the food sampling @ formosa last friday? too bad i hav to attend my company’s annual dinner 🙁 The food looks darn good!

  4. oh my goodness… that looks fantastic! the crab, the dessert, the whole thing! Look at the yam… and the black sesame dessert….

    ok, i think i sound like a crazy woman now…

  5. great write-up! can’t believe u done this so fast! aiks… i will speed up myself!!! love your photos, clear and sharp. i love all the dishes here. especially the mee suah, cran rice, o-ni…
    and not to forget bbo’s cupcakes!!! very very delicious!

  6. lol. my mom is “so-friend” with jeaniee :))

    i still rmbr she take good care of me when i was sick during a class trip. she boiled me hot horlicksss! 🙂 heee

  7. wah..i wish i can join you guys next time.

  8. More delicious food again! I love the caramel yam and the bamboo yam rice. But looks like there are new goodies to try next time.

  9. really tantalizing the way u put this blog posting. been there b4 but after reading this posting, cld feel the magnetic force from new formosa

  10. Wow, what great photos!

  11. The Simmered Winter Melon looks so artistic. Crab rice, tang yuan…all nice food

  12. bad enough i didn’t get to join you all cause i wanted to attend my usual yoga class! should consider skipping it that night :p but health is more important, i couldn’t do that to myself! anyways, da winter melon, it’s amazing! i have always wanted to bring my parents over here and try but we are all just too busy even during da weekends 🙁 hope that we will be able to try this place soon!

  13. the crab and salmon looks so good… must find time to go d ^_^

  14. I’ve seen similar crab dish in a Canto rest.

    Now I need to search for such food in Taiwan! :O ….
    I do know there are a lot of intestines dishes here.

  15. Another flogger eatout gathering:D
    Looks great….and I must say the salmon pieces look really NICE and interesting!!:)

  16. The caramel yam really made me crave for it now. Still remember how crispy and sticky it was! Heh..

    Great write-ups.

  17. The Pineapple Intestine looks great! I love this dish! the sweetness of the pineapple and the aromatic intestine, nice! Very hungry already!

  18. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    good post, good food, good company!!! and good gathering!!! 🙂

  19. This restaurant has been around for a long time. The food that you all had looks so yummy. The lady boss are very creative and keep updating her dishes. Long time have not been there. 🙂

  20. aiyah …so i missed this.. darn

  21. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    ur so fast!! can i copy ur review ar? lazy to write lar

  22. Woohoo…another place to bring my family 🙂 Thanks for your recommendation 🙂

  23. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    I can’e believe I can write so fast too ;P Thx.
    I love everything that we had! yummz.

    that’s their specialty. Give them a visit whenever you are free. Worth trying 🙂

    xiu long bao~
    The food were delicious really!
    yeah.. and I didn’t get to see you again 🙁 when when? haha

    LoL. I can’t believe that we actually had so many fanstastic dishes either. Thumbs up! 😉

    BBO’s cakes was super. I herat them definitely. and those dishes.. Oh.. I miss them right now! When’s your review? Wanna see see! haha ^^

    so sweet of her! Her public relationship with others is really good. I’m so impressed. and.. she’s so nice 🙂

    sure 🙂 will be looking forward ^^

    the last time you guys went.. tasted something different right? I wanna try their steamboat! ;P

    johnny ong~
    hi 🙂 thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂 and thx for your compliments! and I really like the food there ^^

    kelly mahoney~
    hey thanks! 😉

    Simmered Winter Melon is something new to me too 🙂 In fact, we find that some of their other dishes were cooked in an otherwise different way. Creative 🙂

  24. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wow.. Yoga? that’s very good. You’re really disciplined. If I were you.. I might even skip that class! LoL.. Do that for food! haha.
    Check this place out when you have the time with your family. I’m pretty sure u and your family will love it 🙂

    go go go! I simply love the sizzling salmon! oh.. those sizzles! 😉 the crab with rice is also something worth trying!

    is it?
    Taiwan dishes is really new to me.. Have yet to try more Taiwanese food!
    The intestine dish that we had was flavoursome 🙂

    I heart them. I if you have the chance to drop by KL. You can consider having a meal at this place. 🙂

    yea.. I miss them badly. Too bad I was so full that time. If not.. I can eat more! haha…

    It’s very appetizing also! I’m hungry too! ;P

    new kid on the blog~
    Yes!… everything GOOD! 😉

    she’s friendly.. and can come out with creative dishes!
    Do visit again if you’re nearby. Perhaps you can try something different! 😉

    aiya.. You’ve plans that night? sayang-lah.. Nvm.. there’s always next time! hope to see you soon 😉

    kampungboycitygal~ can write better than me..! 😉

    Hope u and your family will enjoy it. Let me know what you think by then ya! 😉

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