FamilY Trip: Port Dickson

02.06.o7 ~Another cuti-cuti in the country. Port Dickson! Ok… not to mention how ‘clear’ the water is. U know what I meant.. Compared to Redang it’s just miles and miles away. Maybe even more than that, but the resort that I lived in was a superb place. Nice honeymoon getaway resort if it wasn’t for the somewhat polluted beach. It would be perfect then.. My parents booked a sea-view room, where it’s extended out to the sea. A walk out to the balcony… u enjoy the sunset! Awesome… The price is awesome too! Uncle Alex, Uncle Lim, Uncle Vincent, Uncle Daniel and their family joined us on this family trip too.. so.. we travel in a big group!

After lunch, Dad and other uncles went to a golf resort for the golfing session. So, we ‘kids’ and other aunties went to the nearby Ostrich Farm in PD before checking in. Hot and unbearable… it’s still fun to hang out with my cousins and bros. Even had my first time feeding those hungry and greedy ostriches! *laughs* One pecked my hand! Ouch!… reddened.. my poor finger.

Chris had to grab my shaky hands!

The reptile in the house!

Met up with ‘little JacK’ the monkey. Remember the little ‘Jack’ from Pirates of the Carribean 3? Well, we named him that… So mischievous and agile… he still loves sticking on and climbing up onto us, especially the guys!

the Polish Helmeted Chicken??

weird! Nice hair-Do!

Stepping up on Ostrich’s eggs! -one man show-

The Avillion Resort!

After checking in.. we rested and the guys hang out at the beach. I just stayed in my room… enjoying the facilitiy~ the bed! Just needed the relaxation.. my body ached!

I love the design of the bathroom! Open aired! Special…..

I’m not used to it though.. feeling of not surrounded and can even watch the sea water sweeping by underneath! *sweet*

What activity did I participated in this trip?

Eat, eat, eat, Swimming, Banana boat (forced to)

the pool ~ relaxing ~

the breathtaking view from the room’s balcony

Did I enjoy?

Of course! It’s Fun and simply relaxing before my semester starts again! Battling will begin then…

Sedentary mode: OFF , ON, OFF….OK… ON again

More pics to share!

Chris and I posing at the entrance before dinner

my Siblings

Dad and Mom with the beautiful scenery

*sweet*my dearest

I love this pic! Baby bunny is actually scared of the timid turtle.. hehe

Happy family ~ playing with black and white (looked ancient?)

Hermit crabs! Chris caught it for me~ u’ll find plenty at the beach!

Mom, Bros, cousins and dear!

Family outing is worthwhile and pleasant.

Holidays~ More! More! More!

P.S. all pictures above are taken by dad, Chris and yours truly here. Comments?? Nice one only ya… *giggles*

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