A Cup Tea House @ Serdang

Inspired by the Chinese drama series I think, A Cup Tea House is indeed providing a relaxing environment for its customers. I thought that they could still extend their tranquility by upgrading their chairs from rattan. Still… it’s something different. There are areas in the shop where they provide seatings on the floor which resembles and fusses the Japanese style. Not some typical tea house…

Lots of variety of tea is optioned, especially ‘flower tea‘. They named it ‘Fa Cha‘. We ordered their specialty instead : the Happy Heaven fa cha. Aromatic and tasty. It is only priced at RM9.90. Refiling of hot water just doesn’t seem to replace its taste! Quite worthy..
There were also a menu of foods available, but i still crave for its tea only.. *laughs*

The tea set – Happy Heaven
Chris and Lick dining in

Not fattening at all…..This is really what we called ‘yum cha’! says all…

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3 Replies to “A Cup Tea House @ Serdang”

  1. i wanna go yum cha here!!! when are you guys free ler? is the tea nice?

  2. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    hey my dear friend!!! when are u finishing ur exam?? the tea is superb! nice ler… I’m free during weekends! call me.. I’ll bring u there!

  3. looks like fun!

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