Curry Chee Cheong Fun @ Sg. Chua

Another temptation to my superlative appetite… Curry! Introducing the ‘Curry Chee Cheong Fun’ from Sungai Chua @ Kajang. Ok.. it’s Kajang again. No doubt this place is really full of satisfying meals. ~ Sungai Chua, once well known for tins.

I have not been to other places I have not tasted any curry chee cheong fun as good as this so far. What’s attractive is the gravy actually… the curry… the aroma.. the taste… thick and full of the element of providing interest and excitement!

My mind is fixed on the recipe. I’m not possessed. I’m not talking with excessive pride. I just love it!

Available at <Kedai Kopi / Restaurant 2020>.

Only available at evenings onwards. Taste it ;P

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2 Replies to “Curry Chee Cheong Fun @ Sg. Chua”

  1. can you show me the exact location of the curry chee cheong fun stall?

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