KooKai Fashion @ JW Marriott

26.05.07 ~ Got myself ready and fully prepared to get to JW Marriott Hotel @ StarHill Galery for KooKai Paris Fashion Show.
Talking about fully prepared, I forgot to bring a camera! Nvm…. Got the help from my Sony Erricson Z610i again *smiles*


Able to indulge in this event with special thanks to mommy dearest *being a member for Kookai* Together with Aunt Stacy, Joon and his dear Natalie, I’ll say we picked and sat at quite a comfy place, on sofas and with cushions….. The members are given special privileges for attending this high-tea cum fashion event and are allowed to bring guests… so, Joon, Nat and I are able to get this shared privilege through our moms. *laughs*

~the invitation card~

my beautiful MoM

Ok… all pieces of garments paraded are absolutely lovely and terrific… Not to mention the price though…. it’s even more aWW….some *sob!*
We were also presented with a door gift with contributions from Kanebo, Marie France Bodyline and a Kookai bracelet. *sweet* Not only apparels from this boutique, pretty handbags from Lancel boutique are also fashioned around! Love the bags!!

Aunt Stacy and Mom

Natalie and I

Joon, Nat, Christin3

the area arounD…..

Our high-tea menu…. cute and yummilicious!

The fashion show lasted about 45 minutes. It’s not a runway routine the models are doing…. they basically just walk around the lounge area and swiftly move in front of us. So we get to see close-up… Oh.. those long legs! I find some of them walk too fast.. that I can’t get a clear picture of them.

*Spring/Summer Collection of 2007*

These are ONLY some of the collections~ note: there are lots more pretty dresses, skirts, pants and blouses in the boutique! Visit Now!! P/S: Visit ONLY you’ve enough cash *hehe*

After the show, we went into their boutique to have a LOOK….
In the end… I picked one of my favourite dress!! Thanks Mom!! Member’s privilege again~ 20% discount.

Nat and I in Kookai’s Spring/Summer collection

Oya…not to forget.. I took a picture of the washing basin in one of the toilet in Starhill Galery, *high class-Nya* located on the FEAST floor. This is cool… manually operated. Turn it to get the tap running!

Technology innovated or back to the basics?

Passed by the storehouse of Louis Vuiton
A class above m3~ talk about lifestyle!! Ha!

We stayed till evening and before heading home…

Caught up in the glimpse of light!

Tired… caught up in a traffic jam and reached home hungrily..

Home sweet home *blur nut*

Love today! Love Kookai! Love Mom, Aunt Stacy, Joon and Nat’s company, Love my new dress! Love being a fashion freak! *not just abruptly passionate* *certainly have strong enthusiasm in it* another thing is ~ spend wisely too girls!

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  1. this is so cool!!! the environment is nice, also the hi-tea, the fashion, the dress, the model and everything!


    haha, leng has become a frequent blogger ya.

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