>Tetra MaGic<

Tetra~ An Indian cuisine favourited since early this year. I was browsing through my mobile and spotted some pictures I took during dinner with my parents in this Indian restaurant. So.. Quickly I’ve decided to share it out! Tetra is located some place in Klang. Sorry~~ couldn’t recall the exact location yet cos I’ve been sleeping all our way to this place. Quite far though. 😛 Went there again few months ago….

What’s famous is their Nasi Briyani a.k.a Nasi Gam!! I’ve never tried other side orders yet cos there’re so many! I find the portion of food served is large… I still option for the chicken nasi briyani although Mom and Dad crave for mutton. The aroma and fragrance of the spices in its nasi is definitely endearing~~ Should really try it. *yup I’m not boasting*

Introducing: Chicken Nasi Briyani + some ‘dal’ curry and sour onion cream (this is refining)
m3 + dinner!

eH… this is no mamak *giggle*

Finally… I would like to express this: I totally feel in love with their Mango Lassi!!! Ok.. I love to eat mango, and this is no ordinary Mango Lassi found else where. It’s 100% pure mango squashed juice plus some added yogurt! You can actually taste it as if you’re eating the real thing. Usually, it’s really not normal for me to at least drink half of any drinks ordered.. and I normally don’t order drinks when eating out. This one~ the Mango Lassi~ I can finish it all by myself!! Only at RM3.50, it soooo worth it people!

Thumbs up~ snapped by DaD!!

P/S: Pictures above are taken some time ago in January this year

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  1. Hi, I googled for Tetra and found your blog. Yes, the restaurant is indeed as good as you described, the best briyani I have tasted. Nice writeup!

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