MaGGi & [mE]

Tried MaGGi Goreng before?? Pretty sure everyone does….. typical or a ‘sure to order’ when eating out at MaMaK… I’ve tried that at various places, but there’s one place that I thought it was really really nice and TasTy!! Located at KaJang, it’s just next to the Mobil Petrol Station in the town… Quite easily spotted. Once tried, you would never wanna order it at any other places.. unless u recommend me. Not that I’m exaggerating!! *laughs* It really taste incredibly good! —-although there’s the presence of monosodium glutamate (msg)—- still can’t fight the resistance to have it!! It doesn’t seemed to bother me much! Haha.. but have it only once a while it’s OK..

my quote of the day!
Holidays! = Food and fashion!..

Have decided to equip myself with some cooking skills. Learning and trying to get myself near the wok. Although there’s a mere chance that I’m not going to master it, but not giving up so fast! This is what I intended to do right now.

MaGGi Goreng + telur atas (mata kerbau??)!!!

A closer view

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