Bukit Tinggi

Cuti-cuti Malaysia: That’s what the government encouraged us to do… and that’s what I did!
19th May ’07 ~ To Genting Highlands!! it’s been almost half a year since I’ve been there.. Together with Chris, Audrey and Denny, we head to the casino after checking in.. Finally I can say hi to the security guard standing smartly in front of the ‘only 21years and above‘ ‘entertainment’ center! As expected: IC please!!
Packed with aunties and uncles, I can hardly stand the odour of the smoke although I’m right at the non-smoking section! Feel kinda tensed when saw Chris placing his bets! luckily he won some.. haha.. (play play for fun only…)

Went window shopping after that.. spotted this cute lil’ hedgehog!!

The spiky fur-ball: hedgehog

20th May ’07 ~ Intended to head home initially after hanging out at starbucks, but end up with the idea of visiting Bukit Tinggi! Chris and I have never been there before..so I found this place an extremely nice holiday spot. Cool and breezy.. not going to literate much on it as the pictures tells it all!!

P/S: I’ve forgotten to bring a camera. All pictures are taken using Sony Ericsson Z610i! Clear and bright!!

Nice view! Bukit Tinggi~yay!

Colmar Tropicale

Amazing buildings in Colmar Tropicale

—Tea-Out at the Japanese Tea House—

——Strolling around Colmar Tropicale (French Village)?——

what’s the attraction??the Grim Ripper!

Mr.Clown entertaining us*haha*

what I’ve got in return: special request from Chris!

Resting happily in my hands

Perfect angle

Audrey and Denny

Us again!

smiling non-stop

——Rabbit FarM——

soooooo adorable!

have a bite!

They just love us!!

Audrey with a black bunny

Denny, Audrey + baby bunny

Chris loves lil’ animals!

I’m kinda scared it’ll give me a bite..*smile*

standing up!!
*CUTE* Love at first sight??

P/S again: all pictures are taken and copyrighted by Chris~Wei. Please do complement on his fine work! *laughs*

Till then~ hope there’ll be more cuti-cuti coming up! >peace<

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