Happy Mother’s Day!!

13th May 2007. Celebrated Mother’s Day with Dim Sum as breakfast. Eventually planned to surprise mom with our hand-made ‘GIANT CARD‘ .. but bro went put early in the morning so had to wait for him to get back…

We didn’t order that much though… P/S: for display only

Finished dim sum fast… went home and quickly get our butt upstairs to get the gifts for mom.. haven’t been so initiative to make a card for the last two years… maybe I have holidays rite now and I have time to gather my bros to work on this nicely..*laughs* SHould do this more often. Mom’s touched!

With certs on it!!!

Besides the card… gave her a book by Judith McNaught, her favourite author: titled Every breath you take. Plan to read it after she finishes. 😛

For dinner we gave mom a treat. She suggested steamboat and we went to Sri Petaling Town. OMG… super lots of people… all out for celebration I guess.. Had so much till I feel kinda bloated. *laughs* even mom says “enough!” when we offer more…
It was really delicious and we all went home with our stomach’s so full…

*My beloved DaD & Mom*

Eggs and mee

Our Dinner for the night!

freshly cooked crabs*yummy*

Mom and dad posing with the crab! Aww.. thanks dad! that’s mine!!

last but not least.. HappY MommY’s DaY!!

******A lil’ Xtra to end this ******
Luv the new shades!

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