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The arrival of cherry blossoms signals the season of flower viewing – the Hanami.
I’m longing to experience Hanami myself for the longest time! Which I can’t wait already!
People celebrate the flowering of cherry blossoms by moving outdoors – holding hanami picnics under the trees, organizing gatherings with family & friends over good food, beer, sake and even karaoke I heard!
Even though modern parties aren’t so refined as those of the past, people still find the blanket of light-pink petals deeply moving.



And we’re so glad to be a part of:

Flavour of Hanami
21 JAN 2017 to 25 MAR 2017


Celebrating the arrival of Cherry Blossom along with great Japanese Cuisine, right here at Isetan The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur!
Hanami, the act of admiring the cherry blossom flower, is a traditional yearly event. One enjoyable Hanami activity is to eat delicious Japanese cuisine while gazing at the cherry blossoms. Flavour of Hanami will be showcasing an exhibition, promoting the culture of Hanami and the tradition plus craft of Japanese cuisine in various forms such as photographs, videos and live events.
It is divided into 3 zones – Gallery, Theatre & Lounge



Sake Tasting at the Gallery Area




The stories of each Japanese chefs and their signature dishes’s replicas





There will also be Live Presentation and Tasting by 4 young owner chefs of famous Japanese restaurants, all the way from Kyoto!
At the “Flavour of Hanami | Live Presentation and Tasting”, guests can learn some of the traditions and craft behind Japanese cuisine through cooking demonstrations and live presentations while enjoying the assorted plate of chef’s authentic Japanese cuisine. So worth it!
Each chef will provide their own unique menu of Japanese traditional cuisine, with tickets available for up to 25 guests on a first-come, first-served basis.


Venue: 3F THE CUBE / CUBE_1

[Spot Event]
Shogo Sasaki of Izuu – 21, 22 Jan 2017
Nobyuki Tanaka of Tsuruse – 18, 19 Feb 2017
Hideki Shimoguchi of Chikurin – 4, 5 March 2017
Takuji Takahashi of Kinobu – 18, 19 March 2017
Only 25 seats available for each session

[Entrance Fee]
Adult: RM30
13–17 years: RM15
12 years and below: Free
Spot Event: RM100

*Spot event ticket for tasting of assorted plates.”



I’m honoured to be able to witness the talented and good looking chef Shogo Sasaki from IZUU’s live presentation! Also to taste them of course! He is the 8th generation owner of a Kyoto sushi restaurant established in 1781. The special feature of his famous mackerel sushi is that it is made large to look its best in the rooms of the entertainment district. As a specialist in mackerel sushi, he carries on the tradition of the flavours and culture of Japan.

Saba-sugatazushi – Whole Mackerel Lightly Matured Sushi
The mackerel and sushi rice are wrapped in vinegar-ed kelp to draw out a stronger umami flavour to the sushi. So much to learn.
We then get to try 2 versions of it – one freshly prepared and another matured for a day. I personally prefer the more matured version as its flavour is more balance and tasty.





It looks like a bunny!



You can also buy this sushis wrapped up in the latest “season” packaging from his restaurant in Kyoto to bring back home! Great as souvenirs too! However, this would only last for 2 days.


Chirasizushi – Scattered Topping Sushi
Chef Sasaki also prepared us this colourful portion of Chirasizushi! I’m a huge fan of Chirashi sushi and his version definitely delights me! It’s light but full of flavours. The seasoning of the sushi rice were also well balanced and so on point!


Great meal ended with the combination of Sakura Mochi & Japanese Green Tea!





Isetan The Japan Store
ISETAN The Japan Store KL
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang

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