Birthday Celebration @ The Market, Isetan The Japan Store KL


Celebrated my 3Xth birthday with Papa C about 2 weeks ago and it was a memorable one.
I requested for an authentic Japanese meal and Papa C brought me to:

The Market



Haha. No candlelight dinner this year like what we did in BABE last year.
Birthday dinner is always very romantic when Papa C is around. Awww….. XD
Well I glad he did suggested The Market @ Isetan The Japan Store as it’s definitely more affordable than dining in a proper Japanese restaurant ordering Omakase meals for each of us! And this floor offers authentic Japanese food and flavours, as well as seasonal ingredients.

Ginza Hagaten



Chris is craving for tempura while I wanted sashimi. So we were seated at Ginza Hagaten tempura bar counter and he ordered me a bowl of Sashimi don from the seafood bar – generous portion of O-toro, Ikura & Uni topped on fragrant Japanese rice – RM78





Rice topped with Special Tempura – RM41
Containing prawns (2 portions), vegetables (2 portions), fish (1 portion), chicken (1 portion), egg (1 portion). Served with rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles & salad.
Nicely battered & fragrant, the Japanese chef were actually laughing at us while Papa C was taking pictures. LOL.
When served, I turned the serving tray around so that I can get a nicer picture but the Japanese chef insisted that it should be served in his way. It was a funny and akward moment at the same time. Oops!




Sushi Shoya

We made this visit earlier in November but haven’t blog about it.

Bara Chirashi Don – RM23
Definitely worth the money as the portion was quite huge and the ingredients were really fresh. They brings value-for-money bowls of bara chirashi to the heartlands, packing it in with salmon, tuna, tamago, ikura and pickled cucumbers.




Daikon – RM2 per piece
After dinner snack was Japanese white radish in hot oden soup. The broth was a bit too clear to our liking haha. Unlike the more concentrated ones in Japan.



We were pretty lucky as Tsujiri was a pop-up store at Isetan till that day itself! And we were like the last batch of customers there. Haha.
The last time we had in Tsujiri was in Kyoto & we have been thinking to visit them when they opened in Malaysia. So happened they appeared in front of us in Isetan! Haha.



Tsujiri Shiratama Parfait – RM18




Thank you Papa C for pampering me all the time & being the best husband that I can ever ask for!
Fast fast finished dinner and went home to our Mini C <3


Isetan The Japan Store
Lot 10, 50 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

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