Mediterranean with a dash of Asian @ Em By Tedboy, KL

We all do love fusion food, don’t we?
When it is the perfect answer for health conscious groups as the chef has the freedom to pick only the best ingredients when adapting the original formula, oh yeah, bring them on!


Here at Em By Tedboy, they came out with a new menu themed:

Mediterranean with a dash of Asian

Em by Tedboy offers a unique and casual dining experience that we are sure you and your family will enjoy. Well, of course we do!
With this new menu, we’re sure that they’ll be able to create some excitement to diners by giving a traditional dish a new look while still aiming to entice them to dare to try it by offering some familiar ingredients – it will be like: traveling the world through their food.



Their menu is predominantly Mediterranean influenced, with a reference dish from countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea. It’s a casual and cosy restaurant where people can enjoy their dates, meet over coffee & boardgames, family dinner affair or even enjoy some alone time.



Let’s travel around the world through their food!

It’s definitely not so complete without a drink or two to pair with. We had their House Pour wines of Red & White from Chile that goes really well with the food we had.




Asian Tabbouleh – RM22
A fun concoction of couscous, fresh herbs, egg wedges, dried shrimps and salted fish dices; served on a bed of romaine lettuce.
Love this healthy portion of salad/ starter as it was packed with lots of flavours though it looked bland. Adding the couscous gave more texture to it.




Big Pho Ga – RM18
Vietnamese rice noodles with chicken and bean sprouts, sprinkled with spring onions, chilli, cilantro and basil – served in a delicious hot broth!
Well, I hardly seen pho served out of a Vietnamese restaurant!





Moroccan Lamb Tajine – RM26
Slow-cooked tender lamb shoulder with almonds and prunes, served with couscous and garnished with coriander.
No gamie flavour at all, the meat was tender and the gravy was so flavoursome.




Matador in Kyoto – RM30
Valencian paella made with Japanese grain rice, mussels, calamari, prawns, edamame beans, tomatoes, capsicum and spices, garnished with nori strips and served with a lemon wedge
(Require 20mins preparation)
A clever fusion of Spanish & Japanese, the fluffy Japanese rice does work well being a paella dish. And those ingredients are a perfect match!




Indochina Beef Ragout – RM25
A French inspired Vietnamese beef stew, slowly braised with carrots and sweet potatoes; topped with fried shallots and served with warm fragrant steamed rice. Being Chris’s favourite, the meats, carrots and potatoes were soft and well infused with the sauce. Went so well with the rice as well.




Silky Carbonara – RM19
Classic carbonara with egg, crispy turkey ham and cheese – silky, not scrambled. Not overly cheese-y. Just nice.




Chef’s Special – Butterfish with Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables and Red Pesto
An off-menu item, this is only available on certain days. But do call beforehand to check if the chef can make this for you as this was my favourite! The butterfish was nicely cooked – fresh and smooth. And the homemade red pesto sauce was da bomb!




Panna Cotta – RM12
A simple chilled Italian dessert of sweetened cream, topped with raspberry coulis. I’m not a panna cotta fan definitely but this serving from Em surprised me so much. It was light, creamy and milky. So good!



Creme Brulee – 12
Rich vanilla custard based dessert, topped with caramelised sugar.



Mille-feuille with Strawberry (Chef’s Special)
Such a pretty dessert and not overly sweet, the pastry could be crispier.





Sable Mojito (Chef’s Special)
A mojito dessert? Bring it on! It’s nicely tart, but not sour, with a good minty, lime-y tang!



I could just sit here all day to savour just their desserts. Tea time anyone? 🙂
Perfect for my cup of coffee.


***Their Chef’s Specials are sneak peak of what customers can get dining at Em, be it on our Set Lunch Menu, or ‘Dessert of The Day’. These items are not fixated permanently in the menu, as it gives their team to experiment on different kind of dishes as well as gives a better experience and surprise element to the customers.



Em By Tedboy & Bar Transit
Ground Floor, Hotel Transit,
42 Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 2022 2056
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 10am – 10pm

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