Ground Eatery @ PFCC, Puchong

We’ve got to admit that a trip to a good café sets us in a cheery mood – the sun-soaked space, glorious sunny side ups and that tingling dose of caffeine. There’s so many of them now till we lost track.
There’s always a great cafe for every occasion, from Instagram eye candies to the brunch of champions.
Though we seldom do cafe hopping due to time constrain and we wouldn’t really hop around spontaneously with a running toddler who can’t sit still, we’re glad to have found somewhere nearer to our place.
And best of all, Mini C loves their food!


Nowadays we rate if the cafe would do well based on Mini C’s liking towards their food (Just kidding!)
But the truth is, our boy is really picky and only eats the food he really likes. *gasp*
Back to the cafe we’re speaking about, we dare to boast that it’s the perfect place for you to kickstart your lazy weekend (or weekdays) with these best brunch dishes in town.

And it’s in Puchong!


Ground Eatery

Its high ceiling with an adornment of greens from the tree branches and clever usage of some floral has made the ambience less concrete. It’s warm and cosy to stay in definitely, sipping your perfect cuppa while noming on your delicious dishes.



Some of their pretty drinks 🙂

Rose Latte



Pineapple Cooler



Iced Cappuccino



Matcha Milk



Flat White



My Mini C in his coffee outfit, ready to eat!



Shroomies Salad – RM23
Enoki mushroom + button mushroom + mixed salad + egg
One of the best salad I’ve tasted, not boasting. The salad sauce is refreshingly appetizing without it being too sourish. The combination of both mushroom was good too: crispy enoki and chewy button. Mini C loves the crispy enoki mushroom so much!



Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder with Homemade Peanut Sauce – RM32
Tender Australian lamb shoulder + Gua Bao + Homemade Peanut Sauce. Meat texture was perfect & the peanut sauce tasted very special and fragrant.



Signature Dino Eggs – RM22
Runny eggs wrapped with mined meat + mixed salad. These scotch eggs really amazes me as most similar ones I had was either to floury or the yolk is no runny. Kudos to Ground Eatery!




Char Siew Pizza – RM23
Roasted Char Siew + cod fish roe sauce + onion + seaweed + mozzarella cheese. Another “pick-me-up” dish that Mini C approves! Even Mama C approved too. The combination of sweet and savoury sauce was so appetizing. Dough was not too thick which gave the extra crisp.




Kimchi Bacon Pasta – RM20
Kimchi + Bacon + Chili Flakes + Pasta
Was being skeptical how kimchi pasta would taste like. Well it changed my thoughts: spicy, tasty and buttery!
You should try.



Gyoza Pasta
Pan fried gyoza + pasta + crispy shredded ginger + light tomato broth.
Shirley was very kind to order a non-spicy pasta for Mini C. Great choice indeed cos he really loves it!
Like I said earlier, he would either eat a lot of it or not at all.
I personally love this portion of pasta too. Hoping Papa C would learn its recipe and cook for us at home too haha!



The Hulk – RM28
The burger! Made up of pork patties + fried buttermilk chicken strips + onion rings + tomato + cheddar cheese + bacon + brioche + fries
This massive portion of sinful looking burger is really satiating just by its look.
The presentation of this dish can still be worked on to make it look not “all brownish”
Nice combo but I’m not a meaty person so it’s best shared.



I love HK Gai Dan Zai (Eggette) and learning that they also speciaize on Eggette dessert, there’s always room for it! Their eggette was so fragrant, crispy and airy inside! With the egg-y flavour of course! I’ve never had eggette with ice cream before and this was definitely deliciously new. Beat the typical ice cream with waffle hands down (for me).

Flossy Berries HK Eggettes – RM19
Cornflakes + Chicken Floss + Roasted White Chocolate Lavender Artisan Ice Cream + Berries Compote
They combined different textures and flavours. My palate was so exciting.




Jack The Baba HK Eggettes – RM20
Jackfruit + Toasted Coconut + Toasted Peanuts + Coconut Artisan Ice Cream + Salted Gula Melaka Caramel Sauce.
A more refreshing version.



Ground Eatery
Tower 4 & 5 PFCC,
Jalan Puteri 1/2,
47100 Puchong New Village,
Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm- 11pm
Kitchen close at 3pm – 6pm & 10:00 pm
Tel: +6012 751 1963
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