Cayden’s Winter ONEderland Birthday Bash! by RainbowDreams


What’s your thought about throwing a birthday party for a ONE-year old?
A waste of money?
Your baby won’t appreciate such extravagance and small is definitely beautiful at this age!
Well these are true as well, and everyone has their own budget too.

Baby has only one first birthday — so we want to make that party count.
A baby’s first birthday is always something special for the parents, close friends and family. However, while we might want to throw a party and buy our baby a special present, we also feel pressured into going over the top.


The next question was:
What’s a good time to host the birthday party?
For first time parents, do keep in mind that the star of the day is your baby. Try not to fit in too many activities in one day else they may get tired and cranky.
By the age of one, our baby is still used to having a or two nap during the day. So we thought that the worst time for the excitement of a party is during night time, when he is tired.
Thus we chose LUNCH TIME 🙂


Venue: Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka @ Jade Hills, Kajang

We chose Le Moon’s because it matches all the criteria we looked for:
1. Spacious – they provide event hall on the 2nd floor
2. Delicious food – please refer to our previous blogposts: HERE, HERE & HERE
3. Friendly staffs

Space where kids can play! Parent’s saviour!

Photo 31-10-2015 11 36 38 am

Photo 31-10-2015 11 36 29 am

Photo 31-10-2015 11 32 15 am




What’s a party without some Decorations?
If you don’t want to spend a fortune on baby’s birthday party, DIY is your best bet. I love DIY! But having a fulltime job and at the same time a fulltime mommy, I really have so little time! I know that’s not an excuse but RainbowDreams Balloons just saved me!

RainbowDreams Balloons
Contact: +6012 379 8318 (Mei Yen)

I love Mei Yen’s work! Her dedication and creativity towards my requests really brought us lots of surprises! Since Mini C loves penguins, we decided to use penguin as the main character. And he also loves the cold, hence, we thought about winter! Haha

Welcome to Cayden’s Winter ONEderland!


Here are some of the details that she’ve included for me:
1. 6″ Fondant Cake
2. Cupcakes x 20 pcs
3. Cookies x 20 pcs
4. Macarons & Fruit Tarts x 20 pcs
5. Chocolates x 20 pcs
6. Marshmallow x 20 pcs
7. JellyBeans x 20 pcs
8. Mineral Water x 20 pcs
9. Helium Balloons x 30 pcs
10. Backdrop of 8ft by 8ft
11. Matching Table Cloth/ Props/ Tableware/ Printable Materials
12. e-Invites
13. Milestone Chalkboard

















Babies and the penguin balloons, Mei Yen cleverly used cotton wool to create snow 🙂





One with the Dayremoms & Daddy Day Care! onederland1


I’ve also DIY-ed my baby’s growth chart by months! Bought those pin boards from Daiso and printed out those penguins. Washi tapes came handy!

Photo 21-10-2015 10 21 16 pm



Party Packs for the kids!

Most of my relatives and friends have babies and toddlers, and believe it a not, it was like a babies party! We have about 30+ babies at our baby’s birthday! Haha. Thanks to Blackmilk Project, they have custom-made Penguins Plushies for Mini C’s Birthday! Printed out some stickers and names to customise each bag.

Photo 09-10-2015 3 45 31 pm

Photo 09-10-2015 3 44 21 pm

Photo 28-10-2015 12 33 43 pm

Photo 28-10-2015 1 13 13 pm

And here are what we put inside the party pack. Should’ve put in children’s snacks too! Missed that. Yikes. Luckily my sister-in-law made some lollipop chocolates! Love her!! Chris insisted that we put in a Jack-o-lantern as Mini C is a Halloween baby and it was also Halloween Day! LOL!

Photo 28-10-2015 1 06 01 pm

Photo 30-10-2015 2 28 16 pm

Photo 01-11-2015 11 22 50 pm


Party pack corner 🙂




Birthday Boy and his presents! We’re so blessed! Thank you everyone again!!!

Photo 01-11-2015 7 09 16 pm

Photo 01-11-2015 10 53 07 pm

You may be too young to know what’s going on around that day, but we want you to know when you read mommy & daddy’s blog next time: WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!


Please quote “broughtup2share” to get 15% discount when you engage RainbowDreams Balloons for Party Styling!

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