Palladium Cafe Kuala Lumpur @ Eco Sky, Jalan Ipoh

**Pictures taken with iPhone6 Plus

The “Jay Chou MV Glasshouse Cafe”

All you need to know about Palladium Cafe 🙂

Palladium Cafe made its first appearance at the EcoSpring Show Village, Johor Bahru and not long after, this cute, attractive little glasshouse landed in Kuala Lumpur.
This glass house is inspired from the MV scenes of the famous Taiwanese singer Jay Chou 周杰倫 singing Handwritten Past 手寫的從前. Nestled strategically on the beautiful landscape in front of the EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Sky, it’s designed to a cute house-shaped structure, like how we used to draw houses in art class during school. Haha.

Photo 16-01-2016 2 50 24 pm

Photo 16-01-2016 3 22 44 pm


Many people gathered, wandered and hang around this glasshouse, taking pictures. Many angles have great instagram materials. So we hopped onto the bandwagon too.
Sitting on the highchair in front of the glasshouse is like a must right?

Photo 17-01-2016 12 25 46 pm

From the moment we enter the cafe, we were greeted by the sunshine beaming through the windows, the smell of freshly-ground coffee, the sound of chatter and soft music, and the friendly smiles of their staff. This cafe is operated by La Casa (a casual restaurant serving Italian, Western cuisine, pastry & cakes) located at Verve Shops Mont Kiara.

Photo 16-01-2016 3 07 46 pm


This cafe is really small with only 3 tables for seating. It’s pretty difficult to get a table indoors but we were lucky to secure seats. Most people couldn’t get seats indoors will have to enjoy their coffee and cakes at their al-fresco dining area which is scorching hot in the afternoon. Thus, people who came in groups were asked to be seated in their EcoWorld Gallery.
Thus, it’s best to plan the time of your visit.
Our spontaneous visit was quite a lucky one.

Photo 16-01-2016 3 27 07 pm

Photo 16-01-2016 3 26 57 pm


Palladium Signature Petite – RM11
Chilled Milk with Espresso

Photo 16-01-2016 3 27 49 pm


Flat White – RM11

Photo 16-01-2016 3 27 32 pm


Lemon Tart – RM12
Zesty, tangy and creamy.

Photo 16-01-2016 3 28 40 pm


Thanks to the lady boss, we get to enjoy their new cake: Apple Crumble Cheesecake.
So good!

Photo 16-01-2016 3 31 16 pm

Photo 16-01-2016 3 32 01 pm


With the BFFs

Photo 18-01-2016 8 48 14 am


Note: This cafe is not permanent. Not sure when will they operate till. Even La Casa is not sure till when. Just got to know that they have extended their business period. Better visit now while they are still there!


Palladium Cafe Kuala Lumpur
EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Sky
Lot 3972 and 4189,
Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh),
68100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 6251 2255
Mon-Fri: 12pm – 9pm
Sat-Sun: 12pm – 10pm

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