Lancelot Tea Guild @ Nadayu 28, Sunway

“A day without tea is a day without joy.”

I love this saying because I love drinking tea. I’m no tea expert but I just love the aroma and the moment of enjoying my cup of hot tea feeling relaxed after each sip.


Pretty sure most people enjoy an intimate love affair with tea, just like me (Papa C loves coffee more than me!) But just how much do we all really know about the humble brew?
A truly excellent tea can be as layered and complex as a fine wine, and with a bit of practice you can learn to discern the exact origin and processing methods behind each taste. Lots to learn.
We like to think of the tea blending process as a bit like blending colours from a palette, bringing together contrasting tones and complementary flavours can create some extraordinary new tastes. That’s what we thought about so easily but there’s definitely an art to achieving the perfect balance.

And that’s what inspires Momoko and her team to set up:

Lancelot Tea Guild




Her love for tea has benefit us as patrons as we are able to enjoy brilliant teas from UK. She’s a fan of Whittard Tea from Chelsea and oh, I love Whittard too, not just for their tea but for their attractive packagings too. Haha.
If you’ve not pay a visit to Lancelot for their tea, I urge you to pop by for a visit. Which is brilliant.
Lancelot Tea Guild is a new hangout place for elegant ambiance, great tea, comparably delicious food (as we know most tea places don’t really have good food) at an affordable & reasonable price.

I would have to agree that the success of any cafe or restaurant depends on its atmosphere, as much as its menu. Even if you have the best Ceylon, Darjeeling and Earl Grey, no one will want to sit and sip in a crowded, stuffy, or unpleasant venue. This place provides a whimsical ambiance where guests can take pleasure in having tea with a modern-day twist. All of this while enjoying a relaxed, but elegant setting.
As we stepped in the Lancelot, we were greeted by a festive Christmas tree (Xmas season now) and a beautiful chandelier in the center of the white room, which is neat, bright and created an uplifted mood.





And as we walked into another area of the restaurant into a darker corner, there lies all the vintage English sofas and displays of knights and armour paintings and wall decorative creating a totally different atmosphere: mysterious, cosy and elegant.







As we’ve mentioned, they serve great tea. What makes them so “great”? They are just Whittard tea leaves anyway. Just boil water and pour over it and that’s it? Think again.
Even Papa C who has a preference over coffee have to agree that Lancelot’s tea are good. Haha.

Introducing The Steampunk brewing method!

A precise app based parameter control that ensures unprecedented extraction, temperature control and thermal stability resulting a pot of tea with balanced flavours and aroma.
This machine is able to transform quality brewing into an interactive process.







I love how they present their tea menu with description of the characters of each tea type and also suggestions of food pairing. This could also educate customers like us to know more of the characteristics of each blend and know what to order to complement the taste.
Also, you can opt for their hot version of cold brew.

Mango & Bergamot – RM14.90
A green tea delicately blended with flavours of mango, lulo and bergamot, scattered with rose, sunflower and blue cornflower petals.
Character: Fruity mango and bergamot
Food pairing: Sweet chocolate-y desserts



Piccadilly Blend – RM14.90
A classic black tea with fragrant flavours of rose, strawberry and lotus, layered with colorful cornflower petals
Character: sweet, floral and fruity
Food pairing: Butter or cheese based desserts



Apple & Elderflower – RM14.90
Fruit & herbal tea infusion, this is a rustic blend of early autumn apples, elderflower, sweet liquorice, vanilla and hibiscus and a handful of rose and marigold petals.
Character: Sweet, floral and fruity
Food pairing: Lemon or cheese-based desserts




Chef Tuna Salad with Egg – RM16.90
A light and tasty salad to kick start our meal.




Buffalo Wings – RM16.90
Roasted wings marinated with home sauce, served with greens. This taste different from the buffalo wings we used to have at the bars which was more salty. This version of their has a little sweet and tangy taste which was really appetizing. Ok, it taste better than how it looked like. Haha.



Lamb Ragout – RM28.90
Lamb cube served with capsicum, root vegetables and conchiglioni pasta. These slow cooked lamb was so flavoursome with soft and tender texture.




Chicken Linguine – RM22.90
Served with cajun chicken and toasted nuts in basil pesto sauce. Our favourite for the night, the pasta was cooked al dente and well coated with their homemade pesto sauce which was tangy and tasty. Every element in this dish complements very well with each other creating a balanced flavour from all aspect.



Scotch Egg – RM32.90
Soft-boiled eggs coated with fried breaded chorizo beef served with mustard sauce and greens. Another bomb on the table, these golden brown eggs were beautifully layered out with oozing yolks when cut into half. Not to mention the beef in it. Was a total surprise!




Another catchy must order tea that they have are the Tea Mocktail. Pretty sure youngster would love it more. Their tea mocktail uses either Earl Grey or Jasmine tea as base and mixers or syrups are then added in by the mixologist to create a glass of refreshing tea with a twist.

Lychee Rose – RM14.90



Berry Pomegranate – RM14.90



And we must not miss desserts of course!
Mont Blanc



Earl Grey Cake
Not overly sweet and well infused with earl grey taste!



  • Lancelot also offers Hi Tea set menu that is available during weekends at a very reasonable price.

  • They are also open for Christmas Eve and Christmas day dining at RM99 per pax (Please call for reservation).


Girls love tea!

Lancelot Tea Guild
5A, Nadayu 28 Dagang,
Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway
Tel: +603 5613 6639

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