2OX French Bistro @ The Row, Kuala Lumpur

Have you heard about the amazing spot that have just arrived at The Row located on Jalan Doraisamy?
The food and service are like no other. You can tell that everything is made with love. Oh yes, so true.



A new restaurant that bagged a mighty and significant name yet welcoming its guests with a gracious, sophisticated, plus cozy atmosphere.



Some people might pen it down as Two Ox. Be reminded that it’s not a multiply of 20! Although they do multiply great style, good food, cosy atmosphere, great wine, and everything is unashamedly French.
Two Ox is a French style bistro, a place for food lovers who enjoy dining in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu is an authentic reflection of simple French dishes from the cold platter & pate, to the award winning steak, and a french cheese board to rival any.
A corner of France in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just right to Sheraton Imperial Hotel.

Run by the dedicated team behind Maison Francaise nestled on Changkat Kia Peng, Chef Thierry offers skilfully crafted and affordable gourmet comfort food using the freshest ingredients. The owners have developed a unique and eclectic style that makes Two Ox an exceptional, yet familiar dining experience.



The unique Two Ox interior surrounds guests with the ambience of a refined French Bistro, while retaining the warmth and friendliness of a casual neighborhood restaurant. One quick look in the restaurant depicts a clean, simple yet fabulous design of retro french bistro wooden chairs, with consideration of higher furnitures and fixtures near the bar counter. White ceramic tiles lined up the whole space with a catchy & exquisite display of tastefully rendered wall mural right at the back prominently displayed. This colourful mural of casual dining & socializing lends a unique, aesthetic personality to their space. They add texture, depth and drama to the area, weaving visual stories, artistic poetry and memories. Also, it created a warm and welcoming space.








2OX would be a wonderful venue for private and corporate parties alike too.



Chef Thierry who is very passionate about this cooking and still inventing new recipes.



Great food must be paired with great wines.


Photo 27-12-2015 7 33 55 pm

Photo 27-12-2015 7 56 21 pm


Bread & butter to start



Italian & Spanish Ham Platter – RM88
With selections of different cuts of meat, this will never go wrong as we get so to try so many different flavours and textures of ham all together.





Duck rillette served with pickled gherkins – RM38
Rillette is a rustic pate made from meat that’s been poached in its own fat, then shredded and stored in some of that fat. This duck rillettes is one of the most amazing culinary magic tricks of all time. Can be deliciously served on toast or crackers. Yum!



Salmon rillette, pickled gherkins, capers, shallots – RM38
While the duck version has a stronger flavour, this preparation of salmon rillette has a lighter taste that we loved too.



Pâté de maman – provincial style pate – RM40
I personally don’t really fancy pâté but this rich pork pâté has a wonderful meaty texture, so that makes it exceptional. Must try!



Let’s feast your eyes and appetite in their main dishes!


Angus Steak with Pepper Sauce – RM108
This order feature a strong delicious beef aroma and flavour with a fine marbling texture that ensure consistent flavour and juiciness in every bite. So good.



7 hours low temperature Cooked Beef Oyster Blade – RM88
Beef Oyster Blade has cartilage which is a wonderful natural flavouring, and hydrating agent resulting juicy, succulent meat that will just drop off. Very tasty and nicely cooked.



Josper oven Grilled Pork Ribs – RM75
When they emphasized Josper, we were amazed already. Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. And of course with Chef Thierry’s recipe, this grilled pork ribs was indeed a surprise. This huge slab of meat may look dry but we were surprised with the moistness retained in it. The result is an extra-meaty rib that has the texture of a moist pork!




Chef’s mum’s Hearty coq au vin – RM55
Coq au vin is a French dish of chicken braised in red wine, with small braised onions, mushrooms, and lardons of pork. This combination makes a wonderfully satisfying dish. Indeed very hearty.
I like how they serve this dish in an oriental jade coloured plate which the owner bought in search for the out of ordinary plating. It worked!



Les tripe with tomato and spicy herbs – RM58
For those who enjoy offal, food with strong flavours, this is your dish. Well I don’t really like offal but I love this beef tripe dish! It has a combination of chewy and soft texture, brimmed with lots of gravy that was infused with herby flavours. Want more magic to it? Just add a drop of Tabasco sauce to it for the extra kick!




Seared Sea Bass with colourful saffron sauce – RM66
It has a mild, subtle flavour with a buttery texture quite similar to that of chicken, also moist and flaky. And the saffron sauce envelops the dish with a distinct aroma.




Josper oven Grilled Squid with fresh lemon – RM59
Grilling squid has allows the naturally rich flavour to emerge. And with fresh lemon added in it added more bold flavour to this seafood dish.




Classic Creme Brulee – RM15
Oh I’ve tried creme brulee at Maison and it was perfect. So is 2OX’s. A light vanilla custard with caramalized sugar on top.


Bourguignon Pear & Vanilla Ice Cream – RM20
Bourguignon is a term usually related to beef as its burgundy sauce is made with red wine but poaching pears with it is so aromatic, adding more acidity to it. Balanced well with vanilla ice cream, one can scream for more.



Lemon Tart Meringue en verrine – RM15
Zesty and smooth. Not too hearty after a meaty dinner.



Homemade ice cream and sorbet – RM15
We had raspberry sorbet that night.



Dark Chocolate Mousse – RM15
Creamy, dense and not too sweet, they sprinkled some chopped nuts on top for the extra crunchy and bite-y texture.


2OX is also a great venue for birthday celebrations! And we celebrated Chris’s 31st Birthday there over the weekend!



Chocolate Hazelnut Ocean Ruffled Cake by Foret Blanc 🙂 Very rich and dense! He even make those  flags out of sugar!


Papa C’s birthday gifts from the BFFs! Cooking utensils that he loved so much! PC270218

The best buddies!
Vyen, Ivy & KampungboyCitygal
Photo 28-12-2015 11 00 00 pm


But look who was the centre of attention!


Happy Birthday Papa C!



The Row
56G, Jalan Doraisamy
WP Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2692 2233
Check our their Website & Facebook Page for more upcoming events and promotions:
Website: www.2ox.com.my
Facebook Page

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