Jumbo Seafood Gallery @ The Riverwalk, Singapore

I have been a huge fan of crabs since young and visits to Singapore has always been like “Must eat Chilli Crab ok?” LOL
And since we’ve never blogged about Jumbo, here goes! 🙂


Since Gordon Ramsay won Ang Kiam Meng of Jumbo Seafood Restaurant by a five-per-cent vote margin for the chilli crab dish during a Hawker Heroes challenge last year in Singapore, I suggested that we must have Jumbo’s Chilli Crab during our previous visit to Singapore.
Chilli Crab, a food icon of Singapore with some of the best places to lap up this stunning creation include No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Jumbo Seafood and Long Beach Seafood at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village which sits right by the beach at East Coast Park.
But we pre-booked Jumbo like a must. Come to think of it, maybe it was because of Ramsay. Haha.

Wear your apron to avoid the mess!

We’re pretty sure most of you would know Jumbo Seafood Gallery since it’s so famous! A Singapore home-grown seafood restaurant group that was established in 1987 with its first restaurant located in the popular East Coast Seafood Centre. We visited their Riverwalk outlet instead since their other outlets that we wanted to visit like East Coast & Riverside Point were full!

Now they are a group of 5 restaurants: East Coast Seafood Centre, Riverside Point, The Riverwalk, NSRCC & Dempsey Hill. The 5 outlets all offer different menu features in addition to the regular award-winning signature dishes.

Chilli Crab – SGD67.20
Deep fried mini bun – SGD3.60
What a beautiful crustacean. Infused and swimming in a pot of tasty, sweet & savoury sauce, created with a base of chilli and tomato sauces which will electrify your palate and satisfy your taste buds.
The thick tangy sauce is made deliciously fragrant with garlic and rice vinegar, while thickening flour and egg ribbons are added to give the chilli crab dish the fluffy texture it’s known for.



For extra kick, remember to order some mantou (mini toasted buns), to scoop up or dip them into the thick gravy. Oh so addictive!



Jumbo claw for me 🙂



Homemade Beancurd – SGD24
Silky smooth tofu drenched in flavoursome mushroom sauce, brimmed with generous amount of assorted mushrooms. Can finish a bowl of rice just with this dish.



Flaky Spicy Prawns – SGD33
The prawns were bouncy and sweet, coated evenly with flaky cereal that gave the crispy texture plus hint of spices, without being too overwhelming.



Jumbo Seafood Gallery
20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-48
The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Tel : 6534-3435 Fax : 6536-3836
Business hours:
Lunch : 12pm – 3pm (last order at 2.15pm)
Dinner : 6pm – 12am (last order at 11.15pm)
*Advised to make reservation before visiting to avoid disappointment. Especially on Public Holidays

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