Som Moo Joom / Jek Be-Ak Seafood Restaurant @ Hua Hin, Thailand

If you’re still not sure where Hua Hin is or How to Get to Hua Hin, please refer to our Transportation Guide HERE 🙂

Our visit to Hua Hin have made us favourited a local seafood restaurant in town! We bet most of you would too!
Forget about those tourist hangouts or avoid falling into those tourist traps and remember to ask around for Som Moo Joom in the morning or Jek Be-Ak as the night pours in. We somehow find that even the locals find the name Som Moo Joom more familiar as we were asking for Jek Be-Ak, they looked kinda confused but when mentioned Som Moo Joom, they felt more relived. So on the safe side, better mention Soo Moo Joom if you are asking for directions 🙂 Please reminded that there will be no English signboard around so just look out for an old wooden house, which is a corner shoplot right opposite 7-Eleven or a souvenir shop named Mata Pita.


Som Moo Joom and Jek Be-Ak
An old wooden house on Dechanuchit Road across Hua Hin night market, these are two separate business operating in the same premises. Som Moo Joom opens from 6am to 2pm while Jek Be-Ak starts operating early evening from 530pm and closes closes by 8.30pm!
Jek Be-Ak is an exceptionally popular soup and hotpot restaurant that draws the long queues and huge crowd, especially visiting Thais over the weekends. This restaurant of aluminium tables and plastic seats is definitely one hidden gem that you as a tourist should discover and eat with the locals.
We were there for dinner so it was Jek Be-Ak that was operating.
There are about 60 seats and are usually full not later that 6pm, and then the waiting begins. However, their service is fast & efficient so the table turn is pretty fast. Do not worry about the ordering part as their menu has English too 🙂



It’s not possible to book in advance so just wait outside until a table becomes available. While waiting, you could do your ordering already. And perhaps get some Singha beer to cool you down? 🙂




Soup Sukiyaki style (Mixed- Seafood & Pork set) – 180Baht (RM18.2)
Their soup is served in a hotpot over a stove of charcoal. Enough for 2-3 person as there are other dishes to order as well. Love the experience of sitting beside the streets of Hua Hin enjoying this Thai hotpot. Their soup is clear and as its cooked along with the meat, seafood and vegetable it became sweet and flavoursome. Very tasty!




Don’t forget their spicy sourish chilli! Sweating while eating this by the roadside. So kicking! 🙂



Steamed fish with chilli & lemon – 250Baht (RM25.3)
Spicy, sour you have my vote. It’s Thailand 🙂 The fish was fresh too. That’s an advantage for being so close to the coast.



Steamed Glass Noodles with Prawns – 150Baht (RM15.2)
Another must order here besides the sukiyaki hotpot would be this pot of sweetheart. The glass noodles were well cooked and not too soft & it absorb all the sweetness, essence & great flavours from the sauce they cooked as well as from the prawns itself. Very addictive and we can’t stop somehow. Haha.



Steamed Glass Noodles with Crab – 150Baht (RM15.2)
Same version as above but this is with the crabs instead. We personally prefer the glass noodles with prawns.



Fried Crab with Chilli paste – 170Baht (RM17.2)
The crabs here were kinda small but they have thoughtfully removed parts of the shells so that we can eat them easily. The sauce were spicy with a hint of sweetness.



Deep fried crab sausages – 100Baht (RM10)



Plain Omelette – 30Baht (RM3)



Stir-fry Mixed Vegetables



Pork Satay – 5Baht per stick (RM0.50)
I know most of you wouldn’t fancy this version of satay as they contain zero fat! Would you look at these! We realize Thais are pretty health conscious compared to our fellow Malaysians 🙂 I don’t mind having more sticks and feel guilty! Haha.



Well, they really do close at 8.30pm sharp! Look at the bunch of us outside still eating and their shop is closed already! Haha. But they won’t chase you away no worries, they are kind enough to let you finish your meal 🙂



Jek Be-Ak?
Mouthwatering seafood specials such as spicy crab, crab cakes are exceptional, and do not forget their hotpot sukiyaki as well as the delicious seafood glass noodles! Prices are very reasonable too! Must go if you’re in Hua Hin 🙂


Restaurants Som Moo Joom and Jeck Be-Ak
51/6 Dechanuchit Road,
Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan,
Thailand 77110
Hours: Som Moo Joom: 6.00am – 2pm. Jek Be-Ak: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Note: There are no signs in English so you might need some detective work to find this restaurant. Best way, just ask around, the locals are very friendly & they will be willing to help. Again, just look out for an old wooden house, which is a corner shoplot right opposite 7-Eleven or a souvenir shop named Mata Pita on Dechanuchit Road across Hua Hin night market.


For the detailed Hua Hin travel itinerary, CLICK BELOW:

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