Printic: Print & Share your HD-Polaroid Memories!

It’s almost a definite yes when we asked many friends around us do they like dreamy photographs filled with light and possibility? We’re sure you take lotsa pictures too. Daily.
But what if you could print out these great memories? (People nowadays don’t really like to print their photographs anymore, do they? Rarely)
Print them out in Polaroids-style? (Yes, this would be an exception!)
Print them out in HD quality Polaroid-style? (Even better!)
Select directly from your smartphone: Be it Instagram or Facebook? (OMG! So convenient!)
Now you can do so (very easily) with:


Photo 30-11-2013 04 56 54 pm

Printic ia an IT company based in Paris. They have developed a nice Phone App & it offers you the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints from your smartphone (iOS & Android supported), Instagram and even Facebook!
With just a few clicks, you can send your lovely photos to everywhere you want around the world without delivery fees! With the festive season coming up, this could be a great gift for you family and friends!
Pictures tell a thousand word and thus, send them your love through Printic!

Printic have been working well in Europe and America & now they are newly launched in Singapore/ Malaysia!

Easy steps with Printic:


1. Fast & Fun
Printic is the easiest and fastest way to order prints from your smartphone!
Choose your pictures, crop them, select your recipients, and that’s it- your loved ones will receive vintage-themed pictures in their mailboxes in less than a week!
**Requires an Apple device running iOS 5 or greater or any Android 2.2 compatible smartphone.

Photo 08-11-2013 04 47 16 pm

Photo 08-11-2013 04 47 57 pm

Photo 08-11-2013 04 48 04 pm


2. Add Messages
Personalize your mail and let others know you are thinking about them. You can add messages or sweet love notes on your polaroid prints 🙂

printic blog

printic blog1


3. Pictures from Everywhere!
Printic allows you to choose pictures not only from your smartphone, but also from Instagram and Facebook. So easy eh? Well, most perfect pictures are on Facebook or Instagram already these days. Haha.

Photo 16-11-2013 11 21 18 am

Photo 16-11-2013 12 10 57 pm


Confirmed? Your prints will be on your way!

Photo 16-11-2013 12 14 07 pm


4. Simple Pricing

  • All the prints are $0.99 / 0,79€ (RM3.48).
  • 3 prints min. / order
  • No Shipping costs. No hidden costs.

And you could help spread the word to save money.

Photo 16-11-2013 12 14 37 pm

Photo 16-11-2013 12 15 00 pm


In our mailbox!

Love their cute orange envelope 🙂
*Box is for an order of 50 prints and above.

Photo 30-11-2013 04 27 54 pm

Photo 30-11-2013 04 28 13 pm

Photo 30-11-2013 04 30 33 pm

We love polaroid prints ‘cos we have a wall to collect and pin up the greatest memories without having to scroll through our mega memories in the computer for pictures. 🙂

Photo 30-11-2013 04 50 56 pm

Photo 30-11-2013 04 50 01 pm

Photo 30-11-2013 04 52 08 pm


Or around with your fave decos in the room?

Photo 30-11-2013 04 53 18 pm

Photo 30-11-2013 04 53 53 pm


You can even put ’em up on your fridge! With the magnets collection 🙂

Photo 30-11-2013 04 55 05 pm


What’s about a beautiful Box for Christmas?
Get your box for 19,90€ or $29.00 only!



Watch and get inspired to print your pretty pictures!


Print. Share. Spread the Love with Printic


Photo 30-11-2013 05 07 56 pm

For more info, log on to:
or on their Facebook page:
Download the Printic app for free now 🙂

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