Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

I’ll find in my religion
This is my only vision
To leave the world behind

So I go to Himalaya, a thousand voices from the sky
And I feel a ray of hope deep in my heart
And my dream of Himalaya will come true ’cause I believe
In a world of peace and everlasting love

“Jeanette Biedermann – Himalaya”

The melody from these lyrics kept playing in my head after reading more about the Himalayas. My peculiar thoughts of knowing more about Nepal just strikes when we received an invite from a friendly gentleman to allow our palate venture on something we don’t really use to have: Nepalese food. Well, we have not tried Nepalese food before. Not until now 🙂

Since we sort of “return” our world geography knowledge to our high school geography teacher. It’s time to learn a little more in depth about Nepal. Well of course I do know where Nepal is definitely. *Ahem*
And the truth is, I really don’t mind flipping the complete idiot’s guide to Nepal. Haha.
Generally, Nepal is located in the Himalayas, bordered to the north by the People’s Republic of China, and the rest of the directions by India. ALso nickname “waters towers of South Asia”.
And we’ve heard lots about Kathmandu. Oh, that’s the largest metropolis & nation’s capital 🙂


What about Nepalese food?
A foodie would know. Many people said.
Then I don’t qualify as one as I thought “Isn’t it the same as Indian food?” Chris would then roll his eyes. Like twice.
Nepal itself does not have a distinct cooking style & food differs depending on the region. Nepali food is actually influenced by the hybrid of Chinese, Indian & Tibetan styles of cooking. This diversity in Nepal in terms of ethnicity creates the variety and the perfect combination one should taste for themselves.
For example: Momo (my favourite word now. Haha)
Momo (steamed or fried dumplings) deserve a mention as they are one of the most popular snack among Nepalis – Tibetian dumplings that looks like “Xiao Long Bao” with Nepali spices. What a combo that compliments each other. *clap clap*

Here we were, at a restaurant that serves authentic Nepalese Cuisine. Thanks to Robin for the special arrangement and the detailed explanation of each dish enabled our vision of how Nepalese food look and taste like being brought to the next level.

Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine


Bagging the phrase authentic Nepalese food, they have included the most popular Thakali meal that originates from the Himalayan region with some of the home-cooked dishes from the mom’s recipe!





Shangri-lla (Glass – RM9 / Jar – RM40)
Their pecial house drink, similar to Sangria with a blend of red wine & fruit juices & sliced apple.


Fresh Mango Lassi – RM12
Using fresh mangoes & yoghurt, I’ve finally found another place that meets my requirement of lassi other than the Tetra House we used to visit! Would prefer if this is served colder 🙂



Deep-Fried Momos – RM7 (4pcs)
Name that fits the dish: cute 🙂
Nepalese chicken dumplings with unique blend of Nepali spices. You may choose it steamed, deep-fried or pan-fried. These resembles deep-fried Xiao Long Bao, without the broth and has thicker skin. Later that we know, momo were traditionally filled with buffalo or yak meat originated in Tibet but became popularized and updated in Nepal. And now they are having the chicken as well as vegetarian preparations.



Snack Platter (catering 3-4pax) – RM24
For first-timers like us, it’s best to order their snack platter as you get to try a variety of different Nepalese specialties. This comes in a combination of Chicken Chili, Bhuteko Bhatmas, Nepali Salad, Mushroom peas, Aloo Silam & Momo (4pcs).



Momo – Chicken
A steamed version of Nepalese dumplings. They do look like Xiao Long Bao don’t they? Slightly more doughy texture and the fillings weren’t squirting with broth. That’s the difference. But they tasted fab.



Chicken Chili
Battered chicken pieces marinated in herbs, fried with onions, capsicums, green chilies and tomatoes in sweet & sour sauces. You may choose it Original Spicy, Mild or Non- Spicy. Bursting with flavours that we all love and enjoyed. In love with the kicking spiciness!


Bhuteko Bhatmas
Deep-fried crispy soya beans marinated in Nepalese spices. We thought they were peanuts! Never did we know that soy beans can be eaten as snacks too! Best paired with some alcoholic beverages like beer! So delicious.



Aloo Silam (Mum’s Recipe)
Boiled potatoes marinated with red onion & silam- a unique Nepalese herb. This distinct aroma and pungency of this herb can be compared to mint.



Fapar ko roti (Mum’s Recipe)
Organic Buckwheat bread with Daal & Chutney. We finished the buckwheat bread so fast, thanks to the daal & chutney and the other curries that went so well with them.



Chata-Mari – RM12
Nepalese version of pizza. Thin crust battered rice crepes topped with minced chicken, spring onions, tomatoes and egg. The most special “pizza” I’ve tasted by far. They looked so cheesy but it’s actually eggs! Crispy base with different texture on the top layer that was brimmed with ingredients.




Jhol Maccha – RM18
Fish slices in light curry with tomatoes, onion, corrainder. The river fish were fresh and married perfectly with the appetizing curry!



Fars Ko Daal Ra Khasi Ko Nali (Mum’s Recipe) – RM18
Smashed pumpkin curry with Nepalese spices cooked with Mutton Bone-Marrow. Our favourite dish of the night, we claimed besides the pizza, chili chicken and the fish curry. We have so many favourites! LOL! I’m personally not a big fan of mutton but the infusion of curries with pumpkin and the meat texture, gosh they were meant for each other. The gravy is so rich, with a bit of sweetness and thick! Must try!




Sewai- RM6
Vermicelli pudding – cooked in milk & coconut cream. First time (again) ever eating vermicelli as dessert. LOL. So many first time at Restaurant Nepal.
This is another must have before you call it a night. Not too sweet and very fragrant. Plus the almond nuts in it gave an extra crunchy texture.



Sudip – RM6
Sweet yogurt with a blend of banana and cinnamon. A healthy dessert that we all loved. Have always givne many likes to the yogurt and banana combo and this round added with cinnamon. Heaven 🙂



Nepali Masala Chya – RM5
Tea after dessert? Yes please! We downed this cuppa and call it a night for this terrific meal. It tasted like teh tarik with spices! So chio.




We could almost write a book about Nepal and their food (#justsaying) as through their their cuisine, one could tell a story behind; e.g the diversity of the people, their culture, ethnic and many more. We would love to go to Nepal one day, especially after the interesting tales from Robin. We would love to understand more.
Do check out this Nepalese restaurant. And we’re sure you’ll find it very interesting too!


Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine
F-0-6, Plaza Damas,
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 6206 3904 or +6016 9770 718
Business hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm , 6pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 11:30am – 10pm

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  1. Let’s go there together one day. Loved the food there. Been awhile since I last saw you guys! xo

    1. yes Meena! great idea! when when??

      1. Heehee will coordinate with tangechi. Yay!

  2. this place is all the rage! I guess we need to haul ass down there soon too.. though we do like the other place, the Khukri, it’s always good to have newer options! hehe

  3. It is a very wonderful effort to promote Nepali cuisines in Malaysia and with our best wishes!

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