OneTonMee @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, KL

With all the fast food chain expanding, it’s totally fuss-free & no fret when it comes to settling a quick meal. Burger joints are widely found around Klang Valley these days.
What if one is bored of the typical burger fast food?
Students, shoppers, business people alike all need an alternative option when it comes to eating out. That’s when OneTonMee comes in.
We used to go around in the UK having the on-the-go noodle box when we crave for Asian/ Chinese noodles. They are so handy & easy to get. Where else in Malaysia, this practice is not quite popular as we could easily get all sorts of noodles in Kopitiams.

But not till now 🙂





The name definitely rhymes with “wantan mee” which literally means egg noodles here 🙂
What’s their call?

It’s all about MEE!
A new way to enjoy MEE!


and fast!

With their iconic on-the-go noodle box that is designed for students, shoppers, and speedy office lunches, it’s definitely ideal for people on the move in the bustling city. They offer fresh noodles and sides, fast enough to fit around your busy lifestyle.
One Ton Mee has been created to offer a totally new dining experience to a totally new market – aimed at people on the go, people who needs to settle their craving for local flavoured fast food, to fit around their busy schedules. With the growing popularity of takeaway noodles, this fast food noodle joint seemed the perfect approach to fast affordable food 🙂


Love it’s set-up of young, vibrant, fun-looking plus interactive as you get to choose the type of noodles plus ingredients to be added in too.



Since it’s a fast food concept store, yes it would be self-service. However, there’s this easy step-by-step experience where you need to go through every station:
1. Choose Mee – choose your egg noodles between original, carrot & spinach
2. Soak Mee – If you don’t fancy the dry version (wth Signature Spicy Sauce), you can opt for either Clear Soup, Nyonya or even Tomry (a unique combination of Tomyam plus Curry)
3. Green Mee – add some greens (vegetables) to your bowl of noodles
4. Match Mee – add extra ingredients such as sausages, ham, half boiled eggs & beancurd perhaps?

**Price starting from RM8.90 for a basic bowl of noodle



“Mee” Station



Deep fried Wantons that comes together with every bowl ordered (not an addition)



Dry Mee with Signature Spicy Sauce
Springy noodles with black sauce that was loaded with hints of spiciness 🙂 Added with half boiled eggs, reminded me of chilli pan mee!




Dry Carrot Noodles added with Ham



Carrot Mee in Tomry broth

I love this unique combination that combined both of my favourite broth.



**In case you don’t really like to go through the step-by-step ordering, a set meal would be a good choice.
Daily Special Promotion:
Monday – Spicy Dry Mee + Thai Fish Cake
Tuesday – Nyonya Soup Mee + Golden Fish Ball
Wednesday – Spicy Dry Mee + Egg + Thai-Style Tofu
Thursday – Tomry Mee + Fried Pumpkin
Friday – Spicy Dry Mee + Pumpkin Fish Ball


Thoughtful ideas for their “Creative Napkins”!
Cute napkins to keep away the gravy/ soup stain.

Photo 15-07-2013 10 32 38 PM


Eat in or take some away today!
Another thoughtful idea of separating the noodles & soups when customers wants take-away 🙂



You can also complement your Mee with some FunBites that goes well with their homemade dipping sauces. From curry black pepper, mayo, chili powder, these added the local kick just like the noodles do.



FunBites available:
1. Cheese Seafood Tofu
2. Fish Cake
3. Fried Cauliflower
4. Fried Crab Stick
5. Fried Okra
6. Fried Oyster Mushroom
7. Fried Pumpkin
8. Fried Wanton
9. Golden Fish Ball
10. Pumpkin Fishball
11. Thai Fish Cake
12. Thai-Style Tofu



Sometimes for some reason, we would still go back for the local delights after “burger-ing” 😀
Perhaps OneTonMee could be your new option?

Give Mee a try!


Lot G – 10B, Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,

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  1. There are two types of Hokkien mee: Hokkien hae mee and Hokkien char mee. Hokkien hae mee (Hokkien prawn noodles) is commonly served in Penang and Singapore while Hokkien char mee (Hokkien fried noodles) is commonly served in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. The dish commonly referred to as “Hokkien mee”, depending on the locality, can mean either Hokkien hae mee or Hokkien char mee. For example, Hokkien mee in Kuala Lumpur refers to Hokkien char mee.

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