Cava Restaurant and Bar @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar: Relaunch of Spanish Tapas

Where’s your favourite travel destination so far?
Many have asked us, and up till now we still answer the same (maybe we don’t travel that often now, so the favourite travel spot still remains the same. Haha)
Oh yes, Barcelona still.
Apart from the beach that Chris love *ahem* we also fell in love with all of Gaudi’s masterpieces and not to forget, yes the food as well.
We favourite-d Spanish tapas and cuisine ever since.

It was indeed an excitement and anticipation when we learnt that Cava @ the famous Bangkung Row is having a menu relaunch to gather the real flavours of Spain. Cava, being the place for authentic Spain & Mediterranean cuisine has once allowed us to discover the treasures of the New World that boasts such a variety of delicious flavours through their cuisine.
Headed by Chef Maria from Barcelona, Spain, the team of chefs have brought themselves to a higher level of creating a more original menu from Spain. Importing fresh ingredients from Spain, method of cooking as well as the combination of flavours, Chef Maria did an excellent job sharing her thoughts & experience. And with these, we are able to enjoy the delectable selection of tapas, paella and steaks, which are the very best of Spanish cuisine!


Chef Maria told us a little story about how patrons questioned her when she serves cold soups.
Love her answer of, “With the hot weather in KL, why not?”
Tomato Shooter
We started off with this tremendously refreshing starter; a liquid-y salad. This cold drink was totally a new discovery for our palate. A tomato based soup with blends of carrots in it as well. Served cold, it’s definitely a refreshing start contrasting the typical hot soups we used to have.



Tapas Time!
*Nice to pair with their famous Sangria (Red or White)
Madly in love with their Sangria! Both Red & White. Their filtered version makes them easier to drink too.



Pulpo a la Gallega
Famous Spanish octopus with potato, lightly dusted with paprika.
Imported octopus from Spain was boiled and garnished with paprika, olive oil & rock salt. The chewy texture and the hints of saltiness that complements its freshness was very compatible. With texture contrasting to the slice of boiled potato beneath, the coupling of octopus & potato matched!




Patatas Bravas with Cava’s Famous Chille Padi Pesto
For the Brave – Spicy Tomato & Aioli
Patatas Bravas is like one one the must haves when it comes to Spanish tapas we personally fancy this version of Chef Maria’s more. Why say so?
Her spicy tomato sauce & aioli was another match made in heaven with the crispy potatoes. To cater the Malaysian tastebuds, her mixture of Chili Padi with Pesto sauce and olive oil added extra kick overall to this dish. Oh I love the Chili Padi Pesto. Gosh!



Grilled Asparagus with Romesco Sauce
The star if this dish would be the Romesco sauce we all nodded in agreement together. A thick sauce loaded with mega flavours thanks to the mixture of almond, olive oil, roasted capsicum and also roasted garlic that lends extra flavours to the sauce. This sauce is so good that it goes well with almost anything! Be it the grilled asparagus & baby corn served, we even spread it onto the bread served.




Olives Villeroy with Creamy Pesto
Chef Maria really played well with all the sauces. Tantalizing our tastebuds, awaking every sensory. Kudos to this creamy pesto as well! We admit we’re both not a huge fan of olives and sometimes we would skip olives if we could. However, we love Olives Villeroy. The olive, crumbed & deep fried is dipped into a pool of thick & creamy pesto sauce.





Cava’s Specialty Arroz Negro
Squid ink Paella with squid and prawns, with garlic aioli.
We told Chef Maria about how disappointed we were having the squid ink paella at Los Caracoles, Barcelona (one of the renowned restaurants apparently) and she said, “Good restaurants in Barcelona are not published. Shall bring you to one when you revisit Barcelona.” We’ve learnt our lesson. Haha.
This Cava’s Specialty Arroz Negro, this truly delicious. No, we’re not boasting in exaggeration. Chef Maria uses Japanese rice instead of Spain’s grain and I’m glad she did because these Japanese fluffy grain is soft and totally soaked with an earthy taste & intense seafood flavour that Chef used the prawn heads as stocks. Spain’s grain is slightly hard.




*Nice to pair with CVNE Monopole Viura 2011 (Rioja) White OR Altanza Le Altanza Crianza 2009 (Rioja) Red



Cava’s Specialty Piquillo Peppers
Stuffed with seafood, served with creamy piquillo sauce and asparagus.
These piquillo peppers are unique in shape and we thought they look cute. Stuffed with seafood mixed with garlic, onions & white wine, these sweet & tasty roasted peppers paired perfect with Rioja white wine. Not to forget, it was served with creamy sauce as well. To die for!



Australia Goulburn Valley – Premium grass fed beef with freshly prepared sauces:

  • Peppercorn
  • Gorgonzola
  • Mushrooms & Wild Ceps
  • Chimichurri

*Peppercorn, Gorgonzola, Mushrooms & Wild Ceps sauces need approximately 4 hours preparation time, cooked with meat stocks.

Seared till medium rare, this Australian sirloin was another perfect cut. Love all the sauces that go with it! I personally love the mushrooms & wild ceps sauce. Best paired with Rioja Red Wine.





*Nice to pair with Castillo Perelada CAVA Brut Reservation NV

Fresas Y Nata
Strawberry with fresh whipped cream
A rather simple yet yummy dessert. The strawberries are added with sugar & red vinegar


Cheers to great food, great wines & great friendship 🙂
Special thanks to FatBoyBakes for the special invitation!




Cava Restaurant and Bar
71, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2093 6637
Business Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 12:00 am
Sun: 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

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