Zespri 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Day 1!

Kiwi used to be one of our routine fruits during our days spent overseas.
Kiwi comes handy back then for us. Nonetheless we’ve bid farewell to this kiwi routine ever since we came back to Malaysia as we’ve grown into more “carnivorous”. Haha. *shakes head*
Time for a diet cleansing C&C!

We got pretty excited when we were invited to join a challenge. A rather friendly challenge, but still excited! As we’ve not really challenged ourselves for quite sometime, in terms of food especially. But for good health, hands up we’re in!

Zespri 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge!

OK. We are suppose to eat ZESPRI’s KIWI FRUITS everyday consecutively for the next 14 Days.
And this would be the first time ever I’m gonna have KIWI for 14 days straight! Can’t wait to feel the difference 😀
Do you know Zespri’s Kiwi Fruits come in different variants?

Zespri Sun Gold, Gold & Green – which is the fury one 🙂

Photo 30-06-2013 01 22 19 PM


Kiwi can be this cute. Haha. Say Hi to Mr & Mrs Zespri 😀 We’re gonna eat you for 14 days!

Photo 30-06-2013 01 40 26 PM


What Chris and I thought on the taste of different Zespri Kiwi Fruit?
Nah! Here’s our thoughts!

Photo 30-06-2013 01 43 27 PM

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6 Replies to “Zespri 14-Days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge: Day 1!”

    1. haha thanks gal 🙂 the kiwis are all plump, juicy & cute! XD

  1. I bought a dozen on Friday lol.

  2. LOL.. looks really fun! love the photos of the girl.. really in the spirit of kiwi:)

    1. haha.. yea. Gonna have the kiwi spirit for the next 12days still! LOL

  3. […] As you might notice there was an overload of kiwi pictures on our blogsposts, instagram & FB page, hope you could bear with us as we have another week to go! No we’re not bragging about challenge, but somehow we loved it! Read on why we have to do this on our Day 1 post […]

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