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Bridal Shower & Hen’s Nite
The Bridal Shower: Yen's Tea Party @ Le Moon's, Jade Hill Kajang

The Bridal Shower: Yen’s Tea Party @ Le Moon’s, Jade Hill Kajang

Time for another Bridal Shower this year on the month of September! For the past 2 consecutive years, I’ve been a part of 2 bridal showers already! One organized by my beloved bridesmaid for myself, and another for Citygal last year! Yes. Both on September too 🙂 It’s definitely fun, joyous and honourable to throw...
Croisette Café @ Bangsar: The Bridal Shower!

Croisette Café @ Bangsar: The Bridal Shower!

I have a confession. I have the best-est bridesmaids & friends in town! I was told not to worry about a thing and just be available on tea-time onwards. Yes, I know we’ll be tea-ing somewhere but didn’t have a clue that this bridal shower that I had, would be so awesome! Picked up by...