C ♥ C Wedding Diary: Be your own Wedding Planner!

Sorry for not updating for more than a week! Our food hunts & reviews were halted by a huge agenda coming our way.

The Wedding

C ♥ C Wedding Planning has been a really great routine for the past 1 year till now! I would really miss NOT planning when our wedding ceremony is over.  Though we’ve been through lotsa ups & downs, at the end of the day we would just realized we’re doing our best for each other to make the best thing happen. Thus we decided to do a Wedding Diary: marking down how hard we worked for this. Haha.


Here’s our wedding itinerary: not the best quick guide but definitely giving a clearer view that Wedding Planning is way tedious than it looks!
Be your own Wedding Planner! 🙂

From 1 year – 4 months before THE Day

[table id=7 /]


From 3 months – 1 week before THE Day

[table id=8 /]

Will update if there are more To-Dos! and the details!
Now we know Wedding Planning is not as easy as it looks!

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15 Comment

  1. ai wei says: Reply

    can’t wait for the real day ^^

  2. jen says: Reply

    awesome planning! everything looks so well laid out. u did all the deco yourself or hired someone? looking forward to your wedding soon!

  3. Tammy says: Reply

    WAHLAUEUHHEHEHHEH I DUNO HOW I WILL SURVIVE MINE!!!!!!!!! yours like so well plan after looking!!! *clap clap clap!!!*

  4. Lee Huan kiat says: Reply


    I am planing to have ROM on 12.12.12
    Do you provide any events?

    1. Hi Lee,
      I’m sorry as we’re not event planners 🙂
      This own planning is just for our wedding 🙂

  5. Evan says: Reply

    Hi May I know where to engage Lady Chaperone(Dai Kum Jie)service?

    1. Hi Evan,
      For ours, we engaged with Anna (our dai kum jie), and her team has a one stop service shop with all the traditional items too, in case you plan to get too 🙂 If you are interested, you can contact her at: 016-2711176

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  11. phooifun says: Reply

    U guys have really put in a lot of effort in ur fairytale wedding, making every small details fantastic and sweet. Awesome!!!

  12. Aileen says: Reply

    Hi Christine

    May I know did you husband made his wedding suit in Bangkok? If yes, can I know who is the tailor and can i have the contact pls?


    1. Hi Aileen,
      Chris bought ready made suit when we were there as we were rushing that time. His ready made suit is very fitting too 🙂
      If you want tailor made ones, you can check out the shops at 2nd floor, at Amari Watergates; right opposite Platinum mall. My dad got his suit done there with superb quality and at a very reasonable price.
      If you wish to do a suit in BKK, it’s advisable for you to go get the measurements and choose fabric quality on the first day though they mentioned ready within 24 hours 🙂 Can amend if there are anything that you’re not satisfied with 🙂 Hope these info helps!

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