Dining in the Dark Kuala Lumpur @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

What’s our biggest fear?

And we just bid this fear goodbye when we dined in a condition like this:

Here’s our food!


Total darkness.
Yes. You’re read us right. Dining in the Dark.

No, we’re not here for a blind date, but to check out the new dining experience that Werner’s Group brought to Kuala Lumpur.
Why dine in a restaurant in total darkness? What for? You may ask & wonder. We were a little thrilled too.
For you to be able to free senses for that dining moment; allowing them to explore every aroma, taste, sound & movement is such an exciting indulgence. What’s more when you don’t even have a clue on what you’re eating?

Special thanks to Werner for the special arrangement 🙂

Picture from http://dininginthedarkkl.com/

Before the dinner experience, we were given a fun practice in alerting our sensory nerves. Sort of a warm up session 🙂
Here’s Citygal being blind folded and asked to pick up some triangular paper pins in a container full of rice & beans. Challenging huh!

Picture by kampungboycitygal

Also, before heading towards the Dark Room, we were asked to surrender all items that could possibly shine a light; including watches, mobile phones and even your bling blings! Why do so? So that you won’t spoil the fun out of it! It was supposed to be a surprise, so be please be cooperative 🙂 Don’t mess the adventure up 🙂

Picture from http://dininginthedarkkl.com/

Briefed by Nicole, the manager in charge, she then escorted us in, in a line formed earlier, guiding us one by one where to sit & telling us where our cutleries are. You might wonder how do they do it? And how to they serve? The manager & the polite staffs a.k.a the “Darkness Experts” are actually visually impaired (blind). There are 2 important thing that they thought us: to relax & trust.
All we know is there would be a 3-course meal served presented with a fine dining touch from starters, main course & desserts of different kinds. As you dig in, the wonderful experience will begin as your palate explore every insights of it, trying to identify what food are you tasting. For the very first time, with the food we indulged in, we learn discovery.

Personal thoughts on Dining in the Dark:

  • We were really thrilled, and at the same time, fear builds up as we were in a pitch black environment!
  • We learn to relax & trust as we believe our senses would enjoy that very special & adventurous moment
  • We would tend to get loud. When you can’t see, trust me, you’ll do everything with your voice, trying to feel more secure to make sure there would be someone beside you for reassurance. However, please be noted that we’re suppose to enjoy & explore the food accompanied by those calm & beautiful music played along. Thus, it would be nice if we could dine “not-so-loudly” at our best. Haha. OMG… it’s our first time, so we were extremely excited. Apologies to the staffs who can’t really hear us with those bustling noises from so many tables all together.
  • We still thought that it was quite scary to dine in the dark as we couldn’t really enjoy the food to the maximum.
  • Though so, it was an unforgettable experience as for the first time, we learn to explore for real!

Dining in the Dark KL Experience
Fine Dine 3 Course Meal
RM88++ per pax

Picture from http://dininginthedarkkl.com/

NOTE: Not to spoil the whole purpose of this whole new experience, we’re not posting or telling what we actually ate. But we confirmed that it was truly delicious and worth the price 🙂

Dining in the Dark Kuala Lumpur
44A & 46A Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 kuala lumpur . malaysia
Tel: +603 2110 0431
Fax: +603 2145 1375
Reservation: +6012 251 5797
Email: info@dininginthedarkkl.com
Opening hours: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

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