Kajang Famous Hot Soup @ Restoran Kee V (卫记辣汤之家)

If Satays are all you can think of when one mentioned Kajang, then it’s a old fashioned thought.
Hot Soup 辣汤 would be another hot hunt if you’re around Kajang for some good treats.
Restoran Kee V (卫记辣汤之家) is one of the recommended place to be. Though we’re still a big fan of Siaw Kah’s Hot Soup (which is also nestled in Kajang), we would sometime bring friends here for a change 🙂 Especially for the Spicy Meat & Spring Roll.


Almost a decade of establishment, Kee V Hot Soup has 3 branches around Kajang. Their menu offer a variety of appetizing dishes including some of the famous tasty fare like the Claypot Chicken with Wine, Spicy Meat & Meat with Salted Fish. The place would be flooded by people during dinner and especially weekends.

Nothing beats garlic with dark sauce *hold your breathe!*


Appetizer: Spring Roll
One of the must-order here. Do you know that Kajang is also one of the place that was famous for Spring Roll? Not many would know including myself *smacks head*
The crispy outer layer was not too oily and the filling was not too meaty and very fragrant.


Hot Soup (辣汤) – RM10/ pax
Additional of Enoki mushrooms was at RM2. The hot soup was well infused with the peppery taste without being too spicy. The addition of chicken and pork adds the sweeter taste to it.


Spicy Meat (火爆肉) – RM10/ pax
A must order whenever we dine in, let’s bathe with sweat during the meal; especially while sipping your hot soup. This dish is kicking-ly tasty. The pork was also well distributed with lean & fat. Sizzling with spiciness, this goes pretty well with your rice.



Chicken with Wine (花雕鸡)- RM10/ pax
Very tasty but still not the best we had comparing it to Siaw Kah’s version: Infusion of the chinese wine that blended well with the sticky dark sauce, the meat was just right too.


Claypot Tau Foo – RM10 (small)


Restoran Kee V (卫记辣汤之家)
No: S-01 (GR) Plaza Indah 1,
Taman Sepakat Indah, Sg. Chua
43300 Kajang
Tel: +603 8737 6954

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5 Replies to “Kajang Famous Hot Soup @ Restoran Kee V (卫记辣汤之家)”

  1. And everything’s priced so reasonable too! Nice place; as I find it a challenge to find cheap and nice dai chow around PJ area.

    1. come Kajang and we bring you around hehe 🙂

  2. Good to be visiting your weblog once far more, it continues to be months for me. Nicely this post that i’ve been waited for so lengthy. I want this article to total my assignment in the university, and it has very same topic together along with your post. Thanks, terrific share.

  3. Sorry to say that I won’t recommend any friends to go there. I visited the place this afternoon together with my family thinking of having a good lunch there but it turned up only disappointment for us all. During the time of taking order, we asked if they have any dish which is non-spicy for children, so they recommended normal clear soup for children and they even told us we are free to top up the soup later. So, we placed our order for normal clear soup, hot soup and few other dishes. When later we requested them to top up the normal clear soup for children, we asked the first person then she said OK and walked. After waiting for some time, we asked another person (a middle age lady who can’t converse in Cantonese, so we spoke in Mandarin to her), she said they are still cooking the soup??? After a while, we asked that lady again and she said they need time to cook the soup??? So, until we almost finished our lunch the soup never come. We had no choice then we asked them to top up the hot soup, a lady came with the hot soup but tasteless!!!

    We spent almost RM200++ for the lunch but this kind of service is what we get.

  4. […] 地点:No.S-01(GR)Plaza Indah 1, Taman Sepakat Indah Sungai Chua, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. 营业时间:7:00am – 3:00am 资料来源:toplanit, waliao 照片来源:tiffip, life is madness, broughtup2share […]

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