33 Kopitiam @ Tmn Connaught, Cheras: Yummy Chee Cheung Fun + Prawn Noodle

When we were at Restoran You Lee for their Dai Be 大鼻 Fish Head @ Taman Connaught, we’ve heard so much about the Chee Cheung Fun (CCF) stall located at the same restaurant.
When I’ve finally tasted it, they have moved to another new outlet: 33 Kopitiam (which is also located at Taman Connaught)
It seems that the previous stalls from Restoran You Lee have all moved here. Might be due to increment in rental we guessed. But nonetheless, it’s good news that they’ve all moved here. Good food concentrated all in one place, saves times to hunt around 🙂



What’s so special about this CCF?
Well, that’s what special when it’s so simple.
Flat rice noodles drenched in just sweet sauce with chili & garnished with sesame seeds 🙂
They taste somehow lighter in taste and its sweet taste is not too empowering.



Another must-try is their Prawn Noodles. One of the best that mimics Penang’s old flavour. Even better than Fook Mun Kee’s
Broth bursting with flavours that is very intense from continuous boiling of the prawn heads and shells.



Don’t fancy the kick of spiciness? Yong Tau Foo with Noodles are also available.




Roasted Duck with Siew Yoke (BBQ Pork)


Happen to be around Cheras?
Check this kopitiam for a good old plate of simple CCF & the kicking Prawn Noodles!

33 Kopitiam
Taman Connaught
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
(located at the row of shops behind Domino’s Pizza)

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3 Replies to “33 Kopitiam @ Tmn Connaught, Cheras: Yummy Chee Cheung Fun + Prawn Noodle”

  1. I like the look of that CCF … so Ipoh-style and that’s my favourite version of CCF anytime! This kopitiam seems to have so much good stuff under one roof – must try to locate it when I’m in Cheras 🙂

  2. my fav CCF!!!
    need another fix again!

  3. waau prawn mee sooo nice… i want bring all my family member come and try it.

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