Chris came back one day telling me about his satisfying work luncheon.
Fish Head.
How good is it compared to the famous Jalan Chan Sow Lin’s version?
“You try and see. It’s different” Him, keeping it mysteriously delicious, I should say.

We then brought our parents to check this out over the weekend since they are a big fan of fish heads.
This fish head stall is known as Dai Be 大鼻, literally means ‘Big Nose’ from direct translation, is located in one of the coffee shop known as You Lee at the Connaught neighbourhood.


They offer 4 types of Steamed Fish Heads:

  • Signature steam – with chinese wine
  • Ginger steam
  • Preserved vegetable steam
  • Fermented bean paste steam – infused with some Thai style, they said.

We went for their Signature Steam – RM21
The dash of chinese wine brought out its freshness. However, if you asked me, I would still prefer my fish with lotsa ginger! 🙂


Steamed fish head with fermented bean paste (Thai style) – RM21
Very flavoursome, I could have 2 plates of rice just with its gravy. Love the spiciness as well. However, its overwhelming taste somehow masked the ‘freshness’ of the fish. Well, pros & cons 😉


Other side dishes:
BeanCurd & Yin Choi both at RM5 each

Dai Bei Fish Head Cheras

If you want us to compare this to out visit at Chong Yen Steam Fish at Chan Sow Lin, I would still prefer the later. Why? They serve better fermented bean paste steamed fish, cos that’s my favourite. haha.
Well, Dai Be has a better environment; at least you won’t be bathed with sweats!
But we will definitely return to check out the other 2 types of steam fish heads again. Plus, it’s actually cheaper compared to Chan Sow Lin’s.

Dai Be 大鼻
Restoran You Lee
Taman Connaught
*From the Connaught highway, turn left into the BHP junction & take an immediate right turn after that. Go straight and you will see Restoran You Lee on your left (corner shop)

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