EAT MACAU: Oja Sopa De Fita Cheung Kei (祥記麵家) + Koi Kee Bakery (澳門鉅記餅家)


Continuing from our first MACAU post……


Our journey adjourned to more sight seeings at Rua da Felicidade (“Happiness Street”) and soon enough, our tummies need to be fed again. Gosh we really get hungry fast at Macau 😛
We quickly made a late lunch stop at the Oja Sopa De Fita Cheung Kei (祥記麵家). A restaurant hidden away on the historial street of Macau, this family business from the 70’s still runs the same way; using bamboo sticks to make their noodles. Cheung Kei is very well-known for their wanton noodles with delicious soup base as well as dried prawns and bonito. Wantons (dumplings) and stir prawn roe noodles? They are local favourites!






Signature Prawn Roe Noodles ‘Har Zi Lo Meen’ – MOP 23 (RM9.20)
Love the springy hand-made noodle but we still find this dish a bit dry as they only uses the shrimp roes to toss with the noodles. However, each bite is still bursting with flavours of the prawn roes 🙂



Poached Fish Skin
I personally dislike having fish skin all the time. Well, thanks to its fishy taste. However, Cheung Kei’s version of fish kin totally changed my skeptical taste buds as it’s really crunchy. Cooked together with ginger, shallots and soy sauce, this dish is totally ‘fishy smell free’!



Another favourite of the house (recommended by the lady boss) is the Deep Fried Golden Mace Balls – MOP31 (RM12.40)
The mace balls are evenly coated with rice crackers and deep-fried till golden.
Best served with the dip mixture of oyster and chinese wine. Some may find this dip too overwhelming but we absolutely loved it.




Oja Sopa De Fita Cheung Kei (祥記麵家)
G/F, 68 R. da Felicidade, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Tel: +853 2857 4310
Opening Hours:
12.30pm until midnight

And as for SHOPPING……
You could drop by another famous bakery: Koi Kee Bakery (澳門鉅記餅家) for some fresh & ready bakes to bring home as souvenirs!
Koi Kei established its first shop in 1997 and has build a very strong reputation Macau, being the recognized as the “most popular food souvenir” champion in Macau. They are currently selling over 300 varieties of product and the most popular items include almond cake, egg roll, crunchy peanut candy, and beef and pork fillets. They have many outlets in Macau and of course Taipa as well as Hong Kong.


Outlets in Macau:
1. Rua Felcidade 70-72,R/C, Macau
Tel:853-28938102 Fax:853-28938044

2. Travessa do Matadouro 2B-2C, R/C, Macau
Tel:853-28930530 Fax:853-28930530

3. Travessa Auto Novo15-15A,R/C, Macau

4. Rua de S. Paulo, No.23AA-23AB,R/C, Macau
Tel:853-28358230 Fax:853-28358230

5. Rua de S. Paulo, No. 24A-24B,R/C, Macau
Tel:853-28358515 Fax:853-28358515

6. Rua Rua de S.,Paulo, No.20A, R/C, Macau
Tel:853-28366017 Fax:853-28365887

7. Calcada Barra, No.23A,B,C,D,E, Fase B,RC-CRC,Macau
Tel:853-28968340 Fax:853-28968340

8. Largo Senado No.7-7A,R/C, Macau
Tel: 853-2832 9300/2832 9301, Fax: 853-2832 9307




Leaving our footsteps in Macau and off to Taipa Village next!!

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