♥ The Perfect Proposal ♥

Let’s take a little break away from food and indulge in our short love story… shall we?

It’s funny and contented somehow when we both looked back on how it’s all started…
From 2 strangers on the ice churning up a relationship, reaching where we are now 


And finally, during our 10th year…
He decided to pop The-Question-many-girls-would-love-their-bf-to-ask-when-the-rite-time-comes’ In short… he proposed!


What was Chris’s plan?
Getting all the perfect planning and arrangements done behind my back was hard as ever. Well, he has to start working it out and taking every opportunity while I’m away, even for a moment. Best when I’m asleep.

On 12.02.2011
He was out with his best friends, ditching me as he claimed it will be a guys outing. Thereafter I was actually conned by my parents to my dad’s best friend’s restaurant for the their official grand opening. As I was lead up the stairs to their function hall, I didn’t even have a clue. Nothing suspected at all. As my brother pulled the door open, I soon got the shock of my life when I saw Chris standing right in front of me with a bouquet… and the function hall was pitch dark inside.

I asked a dumb question right away,“omg. why are u here?”
Chris then lead and walk me through his ‘selfmade walkway with balloons’ singing his first LOVE SONG to a stool right in the middle of the lighted up handmade heart shape encircling me. This was followed by another hippy love song and then another surprise came as the projector lights shine…
Family and friends started ‘appearing’ watching us both!

Soon after, the projector started playing his proposal video.
Special thanks to YeuLou for drawing us again. You could visit his website HERE to see his work.

from Chris to Christine from Christine on Vimeo.

Chris knelt and asked “Will you marry me?”
And I responded “YES”




Tears of joy. Even our guests and family teared with joy 🙂


Followed by our first dance


Lengz Proposal




and then here comes the videos from friends who couldn’t attend… You guys are sweet!


More pictures to share:

#1 The Props



Made up with dry scented petals and LED lights to create the ambiance


Matching decos for the guest tables as well


Huge banner on the wall.

#2 The Preparation
Family & friends helping Chris out

THE Perfect Proposal 120211

Proposal ring and bouquet checked!

THE Perfect Proposal 1202111

Our LIVE band of the night! Thanks to my uncle and cousin. And not forgetting Chris, the lead singer. haha.

Lengz Proposal3

The walkway to another leap of life 🙂


#3 Other Highlights

Bros performing their dance routine



#4 Happy Portraits of Friends & Family who made this proposal happen!

Lengz Proposal2

Family 🙂

Our dearest Friends






Friends for life 🙂

Stepping up to the next level and being together with Chris is a bliss.
Thanks for being the most supportive person in the world! 

Lengz Proposal1

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9 Replies to “♥ The Perfect Proposal ♥”

  1. sweet!
    so you gotta have another post coming up soon, right?! 😛
    congratulation dear. really really happie for you.
    he is the man of you life.
    and chris, never bully her, i warn you 🙂

  2. congratulation!!!!! ^^

  3. I feel so happy for you both, really really happy when I read this post and saw all the photos of you and Chris, so touching and beautiful. I wish you both happiness from the bottom of my heart. Sweetest couple ever. ^.^

  4. Pureglutton says: Reply

    Congratulations! Such a lovely event 🙂

  5. Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) says: Reply

    so romantic! you are so lucky! Congratulations.

  6. Chris is so creative, this is one great proposal ever.. Congratulations to both of you ^^

  7. CUMI & CIKI says: Reply

    how sweet! congrats guys:D wishing u all the best as you start ur life together as Mr and Ms!!!

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