Ninja Joe Burgers @ The Gardens

It’s all about fast food that crossed our mind whenever we’re in a hurry or decided to skip the feast with a valid excuse to feed our wedding piggy bank lately…
Burgers satiate us fast but thinking of having McD would sometimes bore my appetite.
Fret not as Ninja Joe would save us.

It’s not easy to find a fast food outlet that sells pork burgers. Ooo yeah!


Some said it’s mini, but we find it filling for us.
A ninja is not enough? The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Solo ninja – RM 5.90
2 ninjas – RM 9.90
3 ninjas – RM 12.90
6 ninjas – RM 23.90

FYI, you can choose between 6 different flavours for your pork patty: Original, Oriental, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Sweet&Sour and Spicy.

We settled for Teriyaki Ninja (I can’t resist teriyaki and have always failed not having it)
The pork patty may look thin, but it was infused well with the teriyaki sauce & was juicy. Not dry and hard at all. It was also served with a slice of tomato and lettuce. Taste wise? Very teriyaki = sweetness at the right level.

Ninja Joe


We also had the Sweet & Sour Ninja
Nothing to shout about, I almost mix this up with teriyaki as it lack the kick of sourness.

With an additional price of RM3.90, you could add fries and a selected drink of your choice.

Tanto (RM 4.90) – fried tofu with pork fillings. I thought this was rather dry though…

Ninja Joe1

Chris still prefer his “Big Boss” burger with additional egg and bacon instead of just pork patty alone. Try that!
We would now date this little ninja when we thought of having fast food instead.
itadakimasu いただきます!

Ninja Joe
The Gardens
Lot LG-233, Lower Ground Floor

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  1. passed by last weekend, but didn't try yet….must go n check that out!!

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