The Yogitree, real food cafe & yoga boutique @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Note: Good news or bad news?
Let’s disclose the bad news  first: There will be lesser updates starting from December as Chris & I will be having quite a hectic schedule.  

Good news: I’ve finally got a job! No more doubts when filling in the occupation column 🙂

Nearly everyone tend to think that most of the lip-smacking food are bound to be unhealthy.
And we tend to watch over what we eat.
A wise man said:
“It’s not what we you eat that kills you, it’s what you don’t eat”


I remember I once read: Organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than produce that has been intensively farmed.
Together with my girls, we exclaimed:
 “Wah… Come let’s eat Organic!”



Al Funghi with mushrooms and ceps in light cream sauce & truffle oil – RM23
An order without regrets, this portion was creamy and very flavoursome; a total opposite of what I immaturely thought of organic food previously. Would definitely return for more al funghi fix.

Paella Valenciana – RM39

With organic rice, chicken, prawns, clams and mussels in safron infused rice, please allow around 15 minutes for waiting. Not the best paella I’ve had, this serving was sorta altered to suit our Asian tastebuds. But it was still acceptable considering the ingredients and the organic aproach they are promoting.

Rosehip & Hibiscus Healing teas for the ladies please. (RM8 per pot)
Do you know that teas contain phytochemicals that defend our body against stress and illness, as well as promote weight loss? “See… so many reasons to dine in Yogitree”

Dark Chocolate with Almond & Vanila Ice Cream
We should’ve order the Chocolate Truffle but this tasted alright too. I personally do not fancy dark chocolate much, but paired up with the vanila sweety, it doesn’t matter anymore.


and… these sinful looking desserts are all ORGANIC. Come spell with me.
The Yogitree
Lot F-237B, 1st Floor, (Isetan Side)
Gardens Mid Valley, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2282 6163

Fax: +603 2282 6213 

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18 Replies to “The Yogitree, real food cafe & yoga boutique @ The Gardens, Mid Valley”

  1. Congratulations on getting a job 🙂

    Ah.. organic food is definitely very good but the problem… so darn expensive!

  2. congrats on getting a job!!! I am a fan of organic stuff….I should check this place out soon, but rather pricey ya?!!

  3. Congrats on the job!! It's hard to believe this place is organic la…the food looks too good to be true. >P

  4. kampungboycitygal says: Reply their desserts. but ntg beats aiwei's

  5. wei where u got ah?!
    reported for duty already?
    good luck.
    and congrats.

  6. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    Congrats! more moeny means more makan eh??? ;p

  7. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    everything organic always come with a price 🙂 higher that is!!! price that we have to pay to be healthy.
    Went there once for brekkie with Jenn but the breakfast set didn't impress us much…

  8. The place has good food. Even my dad likes it (and he's usually so picky). Paella's a bit fusion, I feel. But still thumbs up. 😀

  9. the desserts look good.. i've never tried it before although sometimes i do feel like going there.. but my friend would opt for another place..oh well…

  10. lesser makan time for me liao… sobz sobz. but i do congrates on finally getting a post lar 🙂

    belanja makan. hehehe

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thank you! haha…yea. but it's worth the price 😉

    thanks! yea..kinda pricey.But considering it's organic and it's located at the gardens, that's about the price range ^^

    thanks gal!
    I didn't believe they were too ;P they tasted… so 'real' ;P
    I always thought that organic food was tasteless. But this place changed my perception.

    that day, one slice not enough also… ;D

    thanks! I got HKL! so excited! cos I'll start work tomorrow! 😉

    YES! own income, eat also happier. lol 😉

    thule a.k.a leo~
    we thought of giving the breakfast set a try next time. Not so impressive? hmm.. maybe this should wait. haha.
    Since they are organic, we have to expect to pay more for it. so right ^^

    Joyce C.~
    A healthier option too! your dad's a wise man. haha.
    I love the food here too.

    Yogitree next? hehe. Bet you would persuade your friend to dine in with you soon! 🙂

    yala… will belanja you guys makan one… after 3 months of bread and biscuits! ;P

  12. Congrats Christine! 🙂 Now we have ANOTHER reason for our makan outing that we have postponed for almost forever! LOL The pasta seems too creamy to be healthy! 😛

  13. Congrats that u no need to "measure land" dy 😛

    The rice seem like lack of seasoning huh, I saw quite some white rice ler… is it?

  14. Congrats and I am sure many are sharing your happiness on getting a job.

  15. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks! hope I can find time. Hate the jam after work. Can only make it on a weekend 🙂 plan plan ^^

    I nearly measured the whole seri kembangan! lol. thanks gal!
    yea.. the rice was not well mixed. haha.

    ck lam~
    thanks! the journey has just begun 🙂 I'm looking forward ^^

  16. MY kind of place for sure-and it actually looks really delicious!

    Welcome to the working world!!! =)

  17. Congrat on getting a job~~

  18. Been to this place once. Their food is kinda alright. Maybe I should go back to try their weekend's special

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