Come discover Oban, Argyll @ Scotland, UK


Great views from the busy port, surrounded by many long-standing shops, houses and guests house


Oban literally means the ‘little bay’ is known as the ‘Gateway to the Isles’, with panoramic views of mountains, lochs and islands. You could catch a glimpse of this bustling port from the top of the ‘Bealach-an-Righ’. As you sweep down the hills towards the bay, the view opens up before you. This is when one appreciate why Oban has developed into one of Scotland’s most popular west coast holiday towns.

McCaigs Tower on the ‘Bealach-an-Righ’ (the hill) is the top-circle-structure offering splendid views of the Oban town.
Chris drove us all the way from Glasgow and decided to make a pit stop in this little bay town for a night, before continuing our journey of circling around Scotland. We were glad we chose the Lagganbeg Guest House (Bed & Breakfast) as it gave one of the most memorable stay during our venture in Oban.
#1 the Lagganbeg B&B
Double en suite : £30.00 to £35.00 per person including breakfast (high season)
This is situated in the heart of Oban’s town centre.
Clean and tidy vintage rooms with different themes, portraying a maritime idea at every corner of this guest house. Almost every corner of the house and rooms were beautified with lighthouses, wooden carvings and paintings. Our host us very friendly too, attending to our needs with smiles and care.



#2 Breakfast at the Guesthouse
As we entered the breakfast room the next morning, we were welcomed by another round of cottage-feel decos.





Breakfast menu
You can choose from:
  • Bacon with eggs and cherry tomatoes with a choice of fried, poached or scrambled eggs.
  • Crepe with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon drizzled with maple syrup.
  • Pancake stack with a pot of maple syrup.
  • Roasted tomatoes on toast with celery salt and balsamic dripping oil.
  • Cheddar and ham cold platter.


This corner with:
  • Orange and Apple Juice, fruit yoghurt, grapefruit segments or prunes in syrup.
  • Oatmeal porridge with fresh cream and nutmeg.
  • Weetabix, Cornflakes, Bran flakes or Muesli.


    Filtered Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate are also served.
    So many reasons to stay in. I want a house like this too!
    Decos, decos, and more decos!



    this was from their mini garden!

    Lagganbeg Guesthouse
    Dunollie Road
    PA34 5PH
    Tel: +44 (1631) 563151

    #3 Oban Distillery
    A 5 star tourist attraction, is one of the oldest in Scotland.
    Oban distillery is currently having a new visitor experience where visitors to the distillery will explore exactly what happens in the process to produce Oban single malt’s unique spirit character.
    Admission: Adults: £5.00; This charge includes a discount voucher, which is redeemable in the distillery shop towards the purchase of a 750ml bottle of single malt whisky. Admission is free to all Friends of the Classic Malts.
    You know you shouldn’t miss whiskeys while you’re in Scotland!


    #4 Seafood at Ee-Usk (the award wining restaurant)
    Oban remains a magnet for travelers from all over the world, with many activities to enjoy and is known as the ‘Fish capital of Scotland’ with many award winning restaurants.
    We chose over Ee-Usk Seafood Restaurant that overlooks the romantic bay. Enjoying the fresh seafood with some Nostros white wine from Chile while gazing at each other; I meant enjoying the heavenly sunset on the misty ocean was… heavenly. I ran out of words and this is the only best description.


    we wanna go in!

    We ate:





    This picture does not do justice. The scallops were way bigger than they looked in this pic. I couldn’t fit the whole scallop in my mouth!



    the lobster cost a bomb but was tiny… Very fresh no doubt!


    We sip:


    We see:



    #5 Souvenirs!

    We bought some lighthouse and they are now displaying cutely on our travel collection corner.

    Wish I could have all of these… ran out of pounds 🙁

    I should have get this (regret now)
    Guess what? It’s a bean bag door stopper!


    WE LOVE OBAN! If there’s more time, we would definitely join the whale-watching tour!!

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    13 Replies to “Come discover Oban, Argyll @ Scotland, UK”

    1. I'm speechless… Scotland is so beautiful… How much I wish I could migrate to UK one day …

    2. It's so pretty! The sights the food, the drinks! I'm in love! 🙂

    3. this is sooo soooo sooooo beautiful! yerrr… i wanna go there…

    4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

      Ming Na~
      their laid back lifestyle and great sceneries, fresh air.. Wish I could return again 🙂
      Bring us with you if you do! haha

      honeymoon there with saucer? *wink* hint hint him la… lol ^^

      It's unforgettable! their guest house is so.. comfy and homely!
      but the seafood quite pricey 🙁
      however very 'jeng'! ;P

    5. The photos are breathtaking! It is a really nice place (and I like their accent too). Haha!

      I like the lobster, looks good! B&B seems pretty reasonable too, the prices.

      Glad you had fun Christine! 🙂

    6. lovely guesthouse……feel really homely~~~

    7. Hi, great photos!

      As a native and resident of Oban I just love it when people love my town.

      Can I point out an error in your post please?

      The "stone circle" overlooking the town is McCaigs Tower built at the turn of century.

      'Bealach-an-Righ' is the hill leading into to town from the north.

      It's gaelic and means Kings Brae or Kings Hill.
      Bealach = king
      an = belonging to
      righ = hill (brae)

      You'll see a lot of house names in the area with "righ" or some sort of anglacisation of of it.

      You'll also see "tigh" which means house – often corrupted to "tay"

      Cheers, and glad you enjoyed my hometown so much – don't forget to come back now.

      Failte, John

    8. Oh boy! Not enough whisky!
      Deliberate mistake in previous post.

      Should read
      Bealach = hill (brae)
      an = belonging to
      righ = king

    9. awesome photos!!!

    10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

      Huai Bin~
      the unforgettable accent. Oh, I wish I could be in Scotland again!
      Oban is a really nice town to visit. Too bad we didn't get the chance to watch whales ^^

      the stay was very memorable too! our host was a very nice lady ;P

      Hi John!
      welcome to our site and thanks for commenting while pointing out my error about the HILL! 🙂 Really appreciate that! all along, I thought the circle structure was named Bealach-an-Righ! haha. No idea about its meaning as it was in gaelic.

      We really love your hometown & thx again for the info!

      thanks mimi! 🙂

    11. Awwww…… beautiful and interesting! I would love to visit Scotland someday… it feels like a peaceful place to live too 🙂

    12. Can I Just Tell You That Yellow Banna Boat Is Mine? 😀

    13. Hey. Lovely Pictures. I think that is my boyfriend and I sitting on the bench in your picture of McCaigs tower.
      I could be wrong though 🙂


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