Mari Makan di Tanjung Sepat

When dad suggested that we should go out together, it must be something we should all game for.

“Let’s have a day food trip to Tanjung Sepat”
Not a surprise at all, I was the first to agree immediately.


Equipped with a “food map”, we were so ready to go hunt down some famous delicacies at Tanjung Sepat.


Stopped half-way to quench our thirst with some rambutans


Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, on the Straits of Malacca which is primarily a fishing town & is about 20 minutes away from Morib Beach.
We stopped by again at one of the fishing village for some snaphots.

It was actually more like a half-day trip and a full day trip as we ran late and reached Tanjung Sepat about 3pm.
But we were lucky……
Know why?
#1 Freshly steamed PAUs came out the right time!


During the ‘in-search’ progress of our first stop: the famous Hai Yew Heng Pork Pau, we noticed a petite individual shoplot surrounded with many people lining up. That must be it!
When we entered, many people were already lining up, waiting to buy dozens of paus.



Check the list out.
One corner with dumpling fans, another corner tucked with dumpling ‘manufacturing’. Busy as a bee, making and steaming up to thousands of paus everyday. The dumpling buns here were still laboriously hand-made. There were even tour buses who dropped by this little outlet where the tourists were introduced and fed with these savoury ball of dough. Loads of reservations made, and we were lucky to get some for ourselves.




#2 Tea Break with Buns and Fishballs
After taking away the buns, we settled at the coffe shop opposite Hai Yew Heng to check those paus with different stuffings out. This coffee shop USED to be Hai Yew Heng’s bun manufacturing spot (same owner). Looks like business expanded quickly and they decided to build an extension opposite only to sell these famous buns. We only manage to get 3 different types ingredient fillings. Pork and preserved vegetable buns are in the top list!



1. Bouncy fishballs are highly recommended. Seems like they are selling these fishballs everywhere in Tanjung Sepat.
2. Taking a PAU break
3. Kuih Udang the light snack and our hunger saviour while waiting for the buns.
4. Udang Kering that mom bought. Put in some while stir-frying your vegetables at home. It gives more ‘oomph’ explained the local aunty.
#3 Despite the rainy season, weather was terrific that day and we spent some time chillin’ around at Lover’s Bridge




my wacky brothers




#4 Dinner at Baywatch Restaurant
Seeking for hours of relaxation and serenity away from the bustling city and every-tired lifestyle? Take a break and plan a get-away here for outskirts chill out. This eatery is located not very far from Lover’s Bridge, is settled by the seaside. While enjoying seafood meals, one can seek tranquility by enjoying the breeze and not to forget; the sunset.


Deep Fried Beancurd with Minced Pork – crispy outler layer enwrapping the silky smooth tofu, with flavoursome mined pork went very well with the rice.



Live Razor Clams (Bamboo Clams) Kam Heong style – With its shell removed, these bamboo sweethearts were stir fried fragrantly ala kam heong style and was pleasantly tasted.


Yin Yang Fish – splited into two parts: steamed and stir-fried with black pepper. Do check this out. I personally adore the black peppered fish more to the steamed version but my family preferred the opposite ;P


Salted egg Crabs – we were expecting a lip smacking seafood from Tanjung Sepat all day long but was way disappointed with this dish. One of their specialty it seemed, but the crabs weren’t very fresh and this cooking method with salted egg was too dry. Not the best choice.


Check out the map 🙂
Circled in RED are the Hai Yew Heng Buns & Baywatch Restaurant respectively.


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21 Replies to “Mari Makan di Tanjung Sepat”

  1. Where is Tanjung Sepat? North or South lol

  2. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    20 minutes away from Morib beach 🙂 It's in Kuala Langat Selangor.

  3. MJ pose?!! hahahah … u know i was watching the Battleground over the wkend, trying to spot your brother. to no avail.

  4. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    the baos were so cute!!

  5. it looks quite like a nice place with the kelong, seafood and all. reminded me of some places in johor too.

  6. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    despite telling Jenn numerous times that I want a day trip to Tanjung Sepat, something will always get in the way. Now that with Sher Ryn around.. I have to wait till she's older in order to come here.. sigh!

  7. You make the pau so cute! 🙂 Have fun ya…

  8. dearrr, i wan the cute baosss… how 'd u make it? really super cute lar.

    love it

  9. seems like a nice half day trip and end with nice seafood dinner~

    this place sure do sounds very familiar`

  10. backStreetGluttons says: Reply

    What a colorful vibrant exciting seabay ! Last time we were there many China girls were hanging around. How things have changed since ! Those days we fished for commercial siakap from a pond and then have to pay RM18 per kg ( cannot return one ) at the out counter for our hard work. If we have time we can tell you our long stories …
    LOL !

  11. That map's real? Or was it homemade?

  12. wowo, the pau and seafood r real mouthwatering….nice place for foodie!!!!

  13. Really nice pictures of sunset at Tanjung Sepat! Lover's bridge somemore.. hehe… Will visit it some day for the seafood and the bridge! LOL

  14. Not familiar with this name of place but it looks like a very nice to visit.

    The paos look so good! And also very cute with the cartoon face, hehehe

  15. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    that was it! the MJ pose.haha
    i think the one you watched over the weekend was group B. My bro was in group A ;P This week they'll merge into a group during semis. Spot him this week! hehe.

    hehe. special effect. But they were yummy! ^^

    bet it gave you back some good memories 🙂 Visit Tanjung Sepat when u have the time 😉

    Perhaps a half day trip for just you and Jenn? haha. Bring Sher Ryn again when she is older 😉

    Little Inbox~
    haha. they tasted delicious too 😉

    added some special cute pao effect ;P haha

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    it's quite easy to get to too 🙂 I bet you know where is Morib (Sepang Gold Coast) Beach rite? hehe ^^

    China girls? commercial siakap? I'm so ready for more stories! tell us 😉

    yea. It's real. Our uncle gave it to us 😉 It looks like the map in the last picture of this post, just with more 'makan' destinations. hehe ^^

    yes indeed. Planning to head there yet? 🙂

    thanks 🙂
    remember to go to the Lovers Bridge with saucer!! 😉

    there are still more to discover, but we only have half day ;P
    Hope this place will be in your list if you're going to visit Malaysia yea! worth checking out. 🙂

  17. So cute la the paus!! Too bad the crabs weren't that great. Else it would have been a good meal hor?

  18. I'm a pao lover, feel like 1 2 have all type of those paos ler…

  19. very nice pictures of the sea lah! well done, y'all! 🙂

  20. […] We recently made a trip down to Tanjung Sepat with our family for our sister’s wedding. For those who have yet to know, Tanjung Sepat is a well-known fishing town just 18km south-east of Morib town. Situated between Banting and Sepang in Selangor, those craving for a taste of fresh catch must not pass up the chance to partake of theirs signature offerings. Our previous Tanjung Sepat Discovery trip was a few years back indulging on local produce such as fishballs, the famous Hai Yew Heng Paus as well as seafood! Read more HERE […]

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