Kushi Q Japanese Grill @ Tropicana City Mall

It’s time to take a break and jingle away from your usual hang-out place for shopping and channel en route for the Tropicana City Mall. More eateries are mushrooming around the fertile land of PJ and Kushi Q is one spirited participant.
Thanks to Wilson & Racheal for organizing, we get to sample their grilled shares together with Ken, BigBoysOven, taufulou, iamthewitch, Jessica & Chris Tock. Many thanks to Mr.Eden Tang for welcoming us over too 🙂

Located on the lower ground floor in the Tropicana City Mall, it is an ideal stop-over for patrons who would love a grilled meal occupied with a wide selections of meat on skewers embracing the Japanese food fashion.

What’s Grilling on their menu?
Chicken Breast – Mentaiko, Wasabi flavour or Aroma spice
Chicken Thigh with Capsicum – Thai flavour or Aroma spice
Chicken Thigh with Leek & Sesame – Teriyaki flavour or Aroma spice
Chicken Wings with Sesame – Teriyaki flavour or Aroma spice
Crispy Chicken – Original flavour or Aroma spice
All the above priced at RM2 per stick

Chicken Ball – RM2.50 per stick

Mackerel Fish
Crispy Fish
Shisamo Fish
All the above priced at RM2.50 per stick

Baby Octopus with Sesame – RM3 per stick
Scallop – RM3 per stick
Unagi – RM5 per stick

Beef with Pineapple – RM2.50 per stick
Beef Ball – RM2.50 per stick


Black Mushroom, Ladies Finger, Sweet Corn or Tofu – RM1.80 per stick
Green Soy Bean – RM4

Side Orders
Rice – RM2
Salads – RM2
Cold Noodle (Zaru Soba) – RM3.90
Soup of the day – RM3
Seasoned Baby Octopus (Cold) – RM6.90

love their rice enriched with chicken sauce, especially when topped with an egg 🙂

Red Bean Ice Cream – RM6.80
Green Tea Ice Cream – RM6.80

Not to forget, if you’re not in for an ala carte, there are set menus priced from RM8.90 to RM12.90 and also drinks to select from. Why not check them out yourself?

What’s more attracting and enticing was… the utilization concept of the Auto Griller. Observe how the automated machinery bring about the meat,vege and seafood skewers from sauce dipping to grilling them till perfection in an organized rhythm.
Thanks to this innovative idea of Mr.Eden Tang, the friendly boss who offered us great hospitality, this is one of their selling point.

Gaming for a new grilling experience? It’s Kushi Q you are looking for!

Kushi Q Sdn. Bhd.
LG 20, Lower Ground,
Tropicana City Mall.
Tel: +603 7728 3613
Fax: +603 7883 0935
Email: ilovekushiq@gmail.com
Website: www.kushiq.com

Or contact Mr. Eden Tang at +6016 966 8668

You could also drop by Kushi Q at:
City Square Johor Bahru
Lot J2-12, Level 2
No 106 -108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Johor Bahru
Tel: +6012 707 1223

Happy 52 Years Malaysia!
Happy Merdeka!!

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13 Replies to “Kushi Q Japanese Grill @ Tropicana City Mall”

  1. Hey girl! Luckily u still managed to make it even after getting lost. 🙂 Love the rice and the ice-cream here! And very detailed description on the pricing too! 🙂

  2. sounds great and i missed it. haihz, stupid endo test where i studied up to wheee hours but still cannot do it nicely. cham liao lar.

    kushi Q has a cute name and the cool machine! auto griller. do hope they will have one near cheras or KL where i can go lar. 😛
    tropicana city mall is so so so far away!

  3. Food looks good. And your shots are getting better and better by the day. Great stuff girl !

  4. luckily u still came in the end, was great to meet you and share our UK experience hehe. Take care!

  5. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    When we walked by this plc, wahhh…the smell soooo tempting! ;p

    reasonably priced too i can see..and tht bowl of rice with egg and gravy caught my eye!!

  6. Great stuff for main course or as a snack. I miss the octopus so much! Nice to have you join us 😀 Love the never give up spirit as a foodie.

  7. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    still due to post our review on this place. its a default place to eat if we r doing our groceries at carrefour

    ps ur page load faster d! 😀

  8. hahahah so fast you post I still looking! lol!
    Great to have you that night, Ken then bcome Mr Octopus!

  9. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    good thing u ordered the ice cream again at last! haha.I loved it gal!
    Glad we made it in the end 🙂

    yea. i like their name and concept too. very cute. nvm dear.. we shall have more food trips again! 🙂
    Kushi Q heard you. Hope they'll have more branches soon. haha

    Timothy Low~
    thanks Tim. Chris gonna be happy hearing this 🙂

    yeah! hope to see u again in coming food sessions! bet we still have lots to chat on UK ;P

    the nomadGourmand~
    yea. u should try their rice with gravy and egg. Best eaten with the grilled stuffs. I recommend the unagi with rice 🙂

    haha… for more than hour we tried to find the entrance to the mall.. they should put more signs ;P Glad that we've made it in the end tho 🙂

    haha..Chris manage to alter the scripts in the html. Faster better hor? 🙂

    haha.. Ken = Mr Octopus!
    thanks for the direction too Sid!! 🙂

  10. wahh!~ already post up..
    i miss so much of the food..
    luckily get the first few bites of it b4 i cabut~

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yala.. u cabut too fast dy. Wilson, Racheal, Eden and us had another round at the nearby pub. Delicious hokkien noodles there! 🙂 u should try next time ;P

  12. Wilson & Rachel says: Reply

    Didn't know u post it already!

  13. Hi Hi,

    Thanks for your kind review.
    Pleased to inform you that we have linked and posted your blog review on our site http://www.kushiq.com, feel free to drop by to chk our latest update or post your comment oh~~…

    We will also link your site in our other pages like “delicious” ah, “technorati” all these~~ 

    Ops, feel free to visit us again, call me before you come over and we will see how to give you special “treatment” ~ heheheheheh ~~~

    Thanks again and look forward to see you soon!
    Kushi Q
    Eden 0169668668

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