Hey peeps!

This is no April’s Fool joke!

Chris and I have decided to start a PHOTOBLOG. Have the thoughts on this for sometime and finally there was an inner impulse to action it.
A hobby started right from the start of food blogging, the desire to churn out better photographs expands day to day.

Site still in progess.
Meanwhile, do visit our photoblog for more: photos2share

The final dissertation have finally come to an end!
Will be leaving for Liverpool and Manchester next week for a break.
More updates soon!

Happy April’s Fool!

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3 Replies to “photos2share”

  1. how nice!!! u having photoblog! must be having a real fun time in setting up everything.

    wish i could have the time to do so. still on the beginning – planning for a real nice camera.

    enjoy ur holidays~

  2. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    congrats dear!! we are still far from there, chris teach us ok?

  3. Hi, sorry for not leaving a comment for so long. We’re back to blog. =) But really, if I haven’t read clearly I really would’ve thought it’s an april fool joke. You’re maintaining 2 blogs, a lot of work!

    Chris is so good at photography!

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