Zanmai oh Zanmai

We frequent Sushi Zanmai as though it offers gold.
Nah. Just kidding.

A post to reminisce Zanmai’s Japanese fares.
We’ve been checking out various Zanmai’s outlet from time to time and have yet to update their affordable Japanese delights.

Love the assortment of colours,
Foods presented and adorned with great endeavour,
Flavour enriched,
Texture guaranteed.

Hope you’ve tried some of these:

1. Salmon Sashimi – RM13
2. Chuka chinmi (seasoned scallop wings) – RM6

3. Baby Octoups – RM6

4. Unagi Tofu (fried beancurd topped with eel) – RM12.80

5. Curry Ramen (small) – RM10.80

6. Tempura Moriawase – RM9.80

7. Soft Shell Crab Maki – RM6

1. Dai Dai Roll (crabmeat sushiroll topped with salmon & shrimp roe) – RM12.80

2. Stamina Roll ( omelette susshi roll topped with roasted eel) – RM12.80

3. Thickly sliced Salmon (7 pcs) – RM13

4. California Roll

5. Aso (tuna, yellow-tail, salmon, eel, prawn, broiled scallopcrabmeat, octopus, cuttlefish, omelette, beancurd, shrimp roe, cucumer roll) – RM23.80

6. Unagi Don

7. Ebidon (deep fried prawns with egg on rice) – RM8.80

8. Agedashi tofu (fried beancurd) – RM6.80

9. Ebiten Ebikko Maki + Soft Shell Crab Maki – RM12

10. Fried Ramen

More Japanese indulgence?
I wouldn’t say no!

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12 Replies to “Zanmai oh Zanmai”

  1. zanmai! our fave jap restaurant. hehe
    miss the time eating out with u guys at zanmai.

    and now… u made me craving for sushi…

  2. I love japanese food! Salmon, Chuka chinmi, baby octopus and bla bla.. *hungry* *hungry*!!!

  3. JeromeFo 令狐冲 says: Reply

    Went there twice when i juz came back from UK. Price is cheaper if compare to other Japrestaurant.
    But i would like to try other JapRes. Heard enough Zanmai’s name already -_-“

  4. sadly, I;ve not been here b4.
    rather reasonable, comparable to the disastrous Sushi King.

    but this one miles better right??

  5. if just only there’s one good japanese restaurant here ;P

    I’ll be the first to go with you!

    ah~ i miss jap food so much T_T

  6. woah, greatest hits compilation! hehehe….

  7. Just went for my first time at Gardens. Lucky we were early for dinner. LOong long queue.

  8. There is always long Q in front of the restaurant 🙁

  9. scandalouschic says: Reply

    wanna know the juicy bits bout our batchmates?

  10. love the ikura chawanmushi too ~ ^_^

  11. Christine, i hv to stop myself fr viewing ur blog!!! ur blog make me feel so craving for jap food… i miss jap food!!! sob sob sob…

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    I hope they still mantain their standard when I’m back next year ;P They won’t end up like the *ahem* sushiking hor? hehe…
    Let’s go again!

    jc @ jessey~
    hi there 🙂 thx for visiting. High 5! Another Japanese food lover! 🙂

    JeromeFo 令狐冲~
    Yea… lots of Japanese restaurant mushrooming already. Would love to hunt for more too ;P
    But I can’t at the moment… sigh… ;P
    U r still in UK right? 🙂

    disastrous Sushi King…. u were right ;P lol.
    It’s miles better definitely 🙂
    Should go try! But I’ve heard that the outlet in 1U is not as good. Think MV’s outlet serve better food.

    Think there are none if we compare them with the ones back home ;P
    Maybe we should go hunt for one in Glasgow! Dig ’em up 😛 haha..
    Let’s go dear!

    haha… yea.. my first debut. Do u like it? ;P

    Long queue? wow.. surprising.. haha. The few times I went, not much ppl ;P Maybe it’s still new that time… 🙂

    Business is getting better and better huh? haha…
    Hope they maintain their standard tho.. 🙂

    I’m missing the soft and silky egg custard so badly…. 🙁

    Don’t stop viewing! View more. View more! haha…
    I miss them too la… No worries, we still have less than a year to go. Very fast.. haha…
    Or try the ones at Glasgow. ^^

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