Xenri Japanese Restaurant @ Wisma Elken

Knowing each other was faith.
Getting close and familiarize with one’s charm was timely.
Beat out issues to talk over, getting so into it and laughing silly……..
A get-together with them is always witty and amusing.

We met up at the Xenri Japanese Restaurant before departing our ways to a different western neighbourhood. SugarBean‘s review about this restaurant was published in the Star newspaper last month. There’s no reason not to check this place out.

Xenri displayed a character and atmosphere of Japanese tradition with undisputed origin. Private spaces with sophisticated designs,
areas linked by a small path with a gentle stream of water running through, and what’s more captivating, was the food with reasonable prices.

We feasted on this many!!

Here goes:

Hawaiian Roll (King Prawn Mango Roll – RM 28)

Teppanyaki Seafood (Salmon, king prawn, scallop and vegetable teppanyaki and garlic fried rice and salad – RM 40)

Tempura Zen (Seafood and vegetables tempura and salmon sashimi and rice – RM 40)

Xenri Bento (Grilled mackerel, selected sashimi and soft shell crab tempura with braised vegetables, chawan mushi, miso soup, rice and strawberries – RM 42)

Tempura Soba (RM 26)

Chicken or Beef Sukiyaki Zen (Chicken/beef hotpot, vegetables and selected seafood and vegetables tempura with chawan mushi and rice – RM 42)

Beef Sukiyaki

Chicken Sukiyaki

Unagi Zen (Grilled eel and selected seafood and vegetables tempura with chawan mushi and rice – RM 40)

It’s hard to meet someone who shares the similar passion and hobby, knowing each other and getting closer, we will treasure the happy times 🙂
“True friends won’t count” this is true.

Restaurant Xenri
No. 20, Wisma Elken,
Jalan 1/147C, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 77838118
(directly across
Pearl Point Shopping Mall)

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11 Comment

  1. Kok says: Reply

    Hi Christine,
    That’s a lot of food! *drool*

    It’s good that you know so many good friends. Must be enjoying your time with them!:)

  2. J2Kfm says: Reply

    i’m green with envy. 🙂
    floggers get-together = snapping galore with so much food on the table.

    so many have gone to Xenri. hmmm …

  3. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    awww i miss you guys..lets do it again next yr

  4. mimid3vils says: Reply

    I have a makan gang which share the same hobby (eat definitely!!) with me too 🙂 A precious friendship~~

  5. ai wei says: Reply

    i miss u , my dear!!! miss da day and miss lots on our very ‘frenship’ day.

    will blog bout this very soon!

  6. Katie says: Reply

    That food looks fantastic! I’m going to Japan next year with some friends so I’m “studying” by checking out all the Japanese food I can. It’s certainly very different from what I’m used to, but looks really delicious.

  7. daphne says: Reply

    oo. I was wondering if u r back in Glaslow or KL? But that looks great! I’m drooling all over the photos!

  8. jason says: Reply

    Floggers’ gathering and foodcrawl… I miss them~~

  9. irenelim says: Reply

    I like the Hawaiian roll, because got mango..must be very yummy rite?

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea… we enjoyed ourselves. Reluctant to go back.haha… we’re like the last customers to leave ;P

    then you shud giv urself a try 😉
    Good place to get together definitely! let’s meet up when I’m back then. haha.. Ipoh food crawl? ;P

    remember our friendship day! we shall have one more next year for sure 🙂

    It’s great to have someone who share the passion with you, isn’t it? We should always treasure it 🙂
    yea… definitely precious 🙂

    thanks to you, we have our ‘own’ day! yayz!
    miss you too, so much!

    wow… I wanna go to Japan too! haha. Remember to share what you have in Japan next year k?
    You should check this place out. Nice food and environment 🙂

    actually I’m back to Glasgow for a month already ;P
    was updating some outdated post for last month… haha…

    organize… organize.. haha.. 🙂
    Everyone seems busy nowadays hor?

    yes! it’s something very different. First time having this. A must try definitely….. as I love mango lots ;P
    Thanks for dropping by ya!

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