Alla Turca @ Pitt Street

Saturday night out in search for tummy filling good food stirred up our mood.
With Thian, Million, Flora and KianYee, the makan-makan plan was an enjoyable one.

Two Fat Ladies restaurant was where we got our minds and ravenous appetite set on. Out of luck, the place was full……. Should have make reservations earlier. Remember to do so if you’re out to any restaurant, especially during weekends at Glasgow.

A let down it was definitely, we hold back our main intention of trying out the seafood there… Heard they are good.

Channeled our cravings to a different sort of cuisine, made our way to Alla Turca. A classy and modish eatery that serves Turkish delight. Upon entering, we were directed downstairs. An isolated area with a few table settings and one good thing about secluding from the crowd upstairs was the tranquility. But actually…..

We weren’t given seats upstairs as we didn’t book. Reminder: do remember to make reservations! Or else you’ll have to go earlier ;P

Fortunately, we still get to enjoy the Turkish musical playing upstairs by a performer sitting high up on an elevated table.

As it was already a quarter past 6.30pm, we missed out their pre-theater menu fares, which is cheaper.

Went for the 2 course meal for £ 15 instead. Costly eh? Sharing was the right idea.


House Specialty 10 Classic Mixed Mezes with freshly baked Turkish bread

Main Course:

Barbecued Duck Shish served with Roast Chestnut with Wild Mushroom Salad

Chicken Shish served with Traditional Turkish Rice & Alla Turca Salad

Alla Turca Mixed Grill Special (£ 13.50)

Mixture of marinated and barbecued Lamb, Chicken, Adana Kofte, & Lamb Chop with Traditional Turkish Rice & signature salad


Expensive, food was only mediocre, service was average too, the waitress weren’t really well-mannered when taking our orders, and we’re sorta forced to leave…. As they have insufficient tables for their patrons!

The dinner ended with a complimentary serving of sugary dessert presented in a wooden box, and with a bill underneath.

more makan-makan around Glasgow yea!

Alla Turca

192 Pitt Street,

Glasgow, G2 4DY
Phone: +44 0141 332 5300

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11 Replies to “Alla Turca @ Pitt Street”

  1. Seems like a very cosy gathering!:)
    I am tuned to your next post~~

  2. I’ve once tried Middle East food, not really like it actually except the kebab 😛

  3. christine,
    You sure know how to enjoy! Great food, great company!:)

  4. wahhh, so fast updates!

    my post is still in progress. hahaha

  5. yea… i do agree with u those in set menu arent really up to the std. lou n i tried a duck dish. it was the best duck ever. but it isnt in the set menu.

  6. The food actually looks quite good – it’s always a let-down when it looks good but doesn’t taste at the same standard. I like the box at the end – do you get to keep it? 😛

  7. is that sweet called turkish delight ? ^_^

  8. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    haha i saw a familiar million is everywhere! she was my taiwan trip gr leader

  9. Bad thing that the service kinda ruined the gathering… hmph

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    nice gathering, but it would be better we’re really satisfied with the food ^^ haha…

    yea yea! I still thought that Bread and Olive in Msia serves better and cheaper food than here! ;P

    haha… thanks! I would love to enjoy more… but gotta save more money 😛 Less eat out and more home cooked food! 🙂

    haha…. blogging is really a good excuse to escape from the miserable journals! hehe…

    yea… sigh ;P
    thought of saving more with the set meal, but it wasn’t up to my expectation ;P
    expensive as well… haha…

    we didn’t get to keep it 🙁
    it’s cute rite? Think i should just keep it in my bag! haha….
    and yea, looks could be deceiving sometimes ;P

    I’m not sure…but they sure delight me towards the end 🙂

    yes! she told us how u girls met last time in the Taiwan trip 🙂
    Small small world hor? like everyone’s linked to each other ;P

    yea… spoil the mood 🙁 sigh…

  11. curiositykills says: Reply

    whoa this wei zhi ahh…sai mm sai ahh…use shia million pulak! ahahahah…scare me a while when i see my name here 😉

    aiyah this yeulou ah..should have asked meiwen before we went huh christine?
    sorry it was my fault

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