Homemade Mee Hoon Kueh!

I woke up each morning with a serving of a hot bowl of noodles that awaits to nourish my day. Pan mee, curry mee, shredded pork noodles, wantan me…

I woke up each morning with a serving of cold milk and corn flakes as breakfast.

Longing for the piping hot preparation of noodles back home, Carolyn excites us when she invited us all over to her place for a ‘Mee Hoon Kueh’ a.ka. Pan Mee bash! ;P
Thanks to her, I’m once again fulfilled and it feels like home again.

Dough kneaded, clear broth cooked with chicken bones and stocks……………

She prepared the spread for the 15 of us!

Chicken slices added in.

Fried egg as topping of the servings.

Chili padi gave the oomph! very spicy. I like.

However, the prawns here weren’t as fresh as I thought.

The finished outcome:

We’ve not had enough! ;P Longing for more………….

Thanks to Carolyn for such a great meal 🙂

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9 Replies to “Homemade Mee Hoon Kueh!”

  1. Antidote to cure ur home sick huh…

  2. Looks better than sold mee hoon kueh.. Nice effort.

  3. nice!!! at least u can get the really homemade feel in glasgow! and carolyn made it for u guys!

    miss u lots*

  4. Looks really yummy ^.^ and 100% homemade too

  5. Nice nice, at least you have something to remind you of home;)
    Take good care ya:)

  6. so lucky of u to have a fren like her ~ ^_^

  7. awww That’s really nice of your friend.

  8. Missing some fried ikan bilis. Well as long as it cure your home sick, who cares.

  9. i tried to make mee hoon ker too. but just after i finished makin the dough only i realise tat i m suppose to use rice flour and not plain flour! haaha.. it turns out not bad tho. hee =P

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