Go Go Gold Coast!!

It was the peak season…
moreover, it was during the Christmas season where we spent the holiday in this place…
A place of rich excitement, entertainment,
oh.. Movie World, Sea World, Dream World, Underwater World!
A place with beautiful coast lining all the way…..
Huge wave storming in the coastal area…
and Bikini babes plus Roller gals!
Lotsa food discovery… exclusive price too ;P

Gold Coast Day 1

Looks familiar?
The best meal that Air Asia can serve 😛 and you have to pay extra for this.

Back to our journey, we were picked up by a friendly guy named John from the airport who is responsible for our transportation for the whole week. From there, we went all the way to the Superbee Honeyworld! and you’ll know what’ll happen next… yes! Complimentary Honey Tasting! Of different flavours; from Macadamia to Rainforest; they just tasted superb! Well, maybe I’m too excited about my trip till everything tasted perfect to me! ;P
However, the Yellow Box Honey tasted weird… No idea what’s Yellow Box tho..anyone?

After that,we’re being introduced to the different kinds of bees by the beekeeper. Demonstrating how they extract honey from the hives, notifying us which bee is which… I can hardly tell between them seriously ;P

and of course, they will not forget to introduce us to their products definitely! Lotsa products of different types of extractions and ingredients ;P Famous for Manuka Honey, these sweet treats was an indulging one!

Ladies are more respected around this area ;P

Next stop was the Seagulls Club, where we were fed with a buffet lunch session at The Loaded Dish. It was a club house that provides extended hospitality to customers (there are multiple slot machines here!); especially tourists…. mostly Asians: namely Malaysians. It was like another “Malaysia” there! well… almost.
Visitors over the age of 18 are needed to fill up a form for their record. Chris and I were asked not to fill them up… as they thought we’re under 18!! Oh my, should we be happier! LoL.
With great disappointment, the buffet spread was not worth any praise after all. All of a sudden, I miss Malaysia food! haha.

The pastas with minced beef were tasteless, the sauces for the meats were salty, the ham was ok, the best stuff that I had was the baked potatoes!

When we’re done with the western corner, Chris and I headed towards the Asian section. Not expecting much from it, the dishes were no better. Named after “Malaysian Curry Chicken”, *wonder why they even put that name* the spices used were extremely mild ;P
Noodles were sweet! The best one was the samosa 😉 Deep fried, crunchy and tasty! We were just too hungry to complain any further.

my aunt having fun with the slot machines 😉

The next outing saves our day!! We went on a Catch-a-Crab & Oyster Farm Tour with Tweed River Catch-a-Crab. It was fun no doubt!
Was given a briefing by a guy with heavy Australian accent, and here we were being exposed to this little crustacean species: they called them the Spana Crabs!
Funny name, I know, because of their cute little tiny claws that resembled a spana!
They looked so cute! Yummy to be eaten too! *we’ll feast on them next!*

On your Left: Male, Right: Female

The female species is way way more valuable than the male. Prepared to be fined heavily or jailed if you were to poach the females!
Their tiny claws are weak and you will not hurt a bit even if you placed your fingers between them! ;P Just like Chris! *pretending to be*

Complimentary oysters by the Catch-a-Crab team. Fresh and juicy!

We were then guided our way to the ‘cruise’ that we will be boarding, the Explorer Cruise! Taken out to the Tweed River, we were embraced and welcomed first by the pelicans! They followed us all along the way… for food! Fed them with fishes provided by the crew members, they were certainly aggresive! Opening their large beak so wide and splashing waters with their wings!

Our first stop, went to the open shores with the equipments provided to catch ‘Yabbies‘ as bait for fishing later. My job was just accompanying them with my camera and shoot some nice pics ;P Let Chris, bros and dad do the job! hehe..

Chris and Dad enjoyed their ‘work’ ;P

the yabby! small, shrimp-like figures with translucent outer sac.
They even caught a blood worm! According to the crew member, it’s like a leech! Back to the river it goes!

What’s next again? Made a stop for Mud Crabs hunting!! Basically, we were just assigned to pull up the nettings or cage placed with a fish as bait. Pretty yielding it was, we have about 8 giant crabs! Wonder if they placed the crabs in the cage earlier on… Hmmm… ;P

Look at the size!
You wouldn’t wanna be ‘clawed’, or else you will have to bid goodbye to your precious fingers! ;P

the Yabbies did help us catch some fishes… only small ones which have to be freed back into the river 🙂

Let’s feast on our catchings!
The Mud Crabs and Spana Crabs were just boiled up by the crew members and they were delicious! A taste ranging from sweet to salty… the catchings were fresh! Plus, we enjoyed eating on board. Surrounded by natural habitats and greenery… enthralling wind blowing, talk about enjoyment!

Nothing but fun, we were exhausted after that.Thanks to the 8 hours flight earlier and lack of sleep! 🙁

Back to the hotel for a quick shower and out again for dinner. We’re temporarily based at Surfer’s Paradise for the next 5 days. It was really convenient to stay around this area definitely.With gift houses, malls, restaurants, clubs and the beach gathering at this center of attraction, it was pleasurable. Only walking distance from the hotel *wink*

and you know what? Having meals here could mean you’ll get poorer faster! haha..
We decided to go for Hungry Jack‘s burger after a long walk deciding. Hungry Jack may sound unfamiliar here in Malaysia, but it’s actually Burger King ;P
It was way better than Burger King, to us. We had their Chicken Deluxe and Beef Burger. Grilled Chicken Meat was awesome 🙂 The 2 slices of beef were too cooked al dente, firm meaty fillings gathered above and beneath with cheese! and hams too!! Delicious 🙂

Grilled Chicken Deluxe

Double Beef Bonanza!

Strolling around the street was another relaxing activity. The street along Surfer’s Paradise was so clean!! *claps claps*

Ugh.. Heavy ;P

Views from the hotel
pretty Christmas tree

Details on the places of interest:
Superbee HoneyWorld
35, Tomewin Street,
Currumbin QLD 4223
Ph: +61(7) 5598 4548

Seagulls Club
Gollan Drive Tweed Heads,
West NSW 2485.
Ph: +61(7) 5536 0882

Tweed River Catch-a-Crab
Servive ends at 16:00
Ph: +61(7) 5599 9972

Next up: Movie World, here I come!

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23 Replies to “Go Go Gold Coast!!”

  1. Oh my god…The spana crabs are so special..never seen it before..Hungry Jack is Burger King..haha..that’s why it look familiar..haha 🙂

  2. oh u were at gold coast over xmas?? wow!!! muz have changed a lot since i last went there 6 yrs ago…

  3. Looks like great it was great fun!
    The food looks great!
    I find the crab part very interesting.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alex’s World! – http://www.kakinan.com/alex

  4. Wow! A nice trip! Very fruitful catching…

  5. wow…nice looking crabbies…education+entertainment+good food! nice! airasia’s nasi lemak that bad, ar? haha.

    will be waiting for your movie world post! 🙂

  6. i want the crabs !!! argh…. where to find such big one over here *sigh

  7. Spana crabs… first time I get to know these creatures. But the Mud crab… that’s a gigantic one!

  8. Wah! Scary sea creatures! Hahaha…

  9. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    awwww..soooooooooo niceeeeee..i wana go too..

  10. wow…u n chris seem to hav loads of fun over there! Now the pix reminds me of my days in queensland. Drove around the crazee town with all one way streets!!! I basically got trapped inside n had a hard time finding my way out of the town :p

  11. hhehehe.. i still prefer burger king and their mushroom swiss burger… ;p

  12. What food wld you get if you did not pay the extra? 😛

  13. cutie crab!! u hv a wonderful trip!! gal, now only i know you’re wearing braces.. mii n mr.B always wondering tat.. haha

  14. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    i miss gold coast too..i was at some chevron towers of renaissance..some funky three towers right in the middle of gold coast..so fun!..

    didnt do crabbing and honey though..rather go for the worlds!

  15. Wow what a great food holiday down under, wondering when i’m going

  16. wow…so nice ya….Xmas at Gold Coast:D
    More more pics ya!!;)

  17. I so love all the places you went. So beautiful…ooohhhh…those crabs! Sniff..how much was it the day tour? I must show Hubby tonite…scare itchy finger will click into AirAsia after that. HAHAHA!

  18. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    i’ve never seen it too! was a great discovery! ;P
    you can tell the similarity between Hungry Jack and Burger King too rite? haha.. too easy to tell ^^

    yea! was there during Xmas and it was fun 🙂
    6 years? most probably… why not you go take a look for yourself again? 😉

    Indeed was 😉 interesting and.. the crabs were fresh. ^^

    *nod nod* can’t get enough of it! 😉

    er.. not really bad lar~ so-so 🙂
    hav u tried? 😉
    will post that soon!

    I think can get.. but maybe not as big 😉 haha.

    Spana Crabs was something new to me too. As for Mud crabs.. we can get it here but maybe not as big? 😉

    Oh.. I heard someone don’t take seafoods?? is that true? ;P
    say I’m wrong ^^

    plan plan! 🙂
    next Christmas??
    cannot… go UK, go UK! haha.

    You studied in Queensland last time?
    oo… bringing back memories to you! more pics to come! helping you reminisce more ^^ We like it there 🙂

    mushroom swiss burger?
    I’ve never heard of it as I’m not really their fan! haha.. well, now you said it, it must be good! ^^

    hmm…. nothing? haha.
    true true 🙂 Just have to pay extra for good food! 🙂
    Don’t mind me, as i kept complaining! LoL ;P

    wondering? haha.. now you and Mr.B knows! was hiding it all the time. Come to think of it, maybe i should show off more of it! *expensive stuff eh..* haha..
    cos will have to remove it soon ;P

    oh, you didn’t?
    Incredible experience 🙂 as we have not tried catching crabs before ;P
    the Worlds were great too!
    same here.. miss the fun ^^

    soon? go book your tickets right away! haha.. you’ll love it!

    sure! more pics to share 🙂
    spending Christmas at some where else was a good experience 🙂

    precious pea~
    knew you cannot “tahan” already..
    faster show your hubby. Maybe he’ll decide on the spot to book right away!
    as for the price… we booked the whole package for 6 days (half day) tour.. not really sure about this crabby outing.
    you can call beforehand to check on the price. Phone number is listed in my post 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll love it, Queen of king Crab!!

  19. “Prepared to be fined heavily or jailed if you were to poach the females!” …and i just was about to ask “taste nice or not”

  20. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Omg, what a nice trip!! With your family and Chris! I’m sure you had a great time! The views from the hotel look so fantastic and the oysters look so tempting! Can’t wait to read your coming post.

  21. nice larrr! can have a great vacation with family n ur darling chris. to aus some more! sooooo nice. just cant wait to read ur upcoming post!!!

    miss u guys a lot!!! i wan more good meals with u guys!

  22. Oh so lovely!
    so beautiful!

  23. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    the males tasted nice tho… haha 😛

    wenching&esiong, aiwei and BBO~
    it was really FUN 🙂
    unforgettable trip ;P

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