Xi-Men-Ting @ South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan

Ai Wei and I were out again for a hair-cut 🙂 Since she wanna give her hairstyle a different sophistication, I recommended her the place where I got my hair done. Since the saloon is only a walk way distance from South City Plaza, we headed there for lunch.

My second time at Xi-Men-Ting, I had a satisfying meal here during my last visit 2 years ago. That’s really long! To be hopeful that the food here taste as good as what I had in mind, my thoughts turned out fruitful 🙂 It was good.
Xi Men Ting. Does this sound familiar to you? A happening neighbourhood located in Taiwan, this district is also a popular gathering place for youngsters.

Well, from the name of this eatery, I assumed that they serve Taiwan delicacies and snacks.
Didn’t want to have a heavy lunch, we shared our orders. However, the portion served were huge! Just too adequate for the 2 of us!
A drink for 2: the Jasmine tea, a soothing thirst-quencher for RM2.50

A hunger after the reknown dumplings here, we had their Steamed Garlic Chives Dumplings (8 pieces) for RM8. Definitely affordable for this cute lil’ persuasion. The fillings were tasty and scrumptious. It surely complemented well with the smooth skin.

We girls were eyeing on the Chicken Drum Steak with Noodles in the menu at the same time. “Drum Steak“? it must be huge, I thought. And RM7.90 for this serving? Very affordable!
The chicken drumstick were served separately from the noodles. Apparently, when the big bowl of noodles were served upon us, I just thought that it was just the bowl that’s huge. Well, no. A large portion of noodles for us to share!
The yummy broth were overpouring the smooth textured noodles and along with the heaving of minced pork, simply flavoursome!

Here comes the “drum steak“! Succulent meat, that was fried till golden brown and affixed with aromatic and tasty coating of the chicken skin ;P Made me overlooked the calories count!

Another discovery of affordable food 🙂 Contented with ourselves! 😉

Click for enlarged map

South City Plaza,

Ground Floor,

Seri Kembangan.

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16 Replies to “Xi-Men-Ting @ South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan”

  1. wah! nice drum steak…the broth looked oily…was it? or it’s just me and my morning blurness…haha!

  2. Those dumplings look perfect!

  3. sounds like I am going to make some gyoza today….so hungry after looking at those picture!

  4. the dumplings looks so yummy ~ now i am craving for it… =.=”

  5. haha…stayed here for so long but also didnt try xi men ting before…malunya…haha…next time, have our lunch there..

  6. my o my lovely post really full of fresh love ! we can smell it !

  7. ♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ says: Reply

    Chicken Drum Steak with Noodles!!!! excellent~ Only RM7.90, worth to try

  8. da drumstick is appetizing.. and i guess it’s fattening too lol..

  9. went xi men ting few mth ago.. not bad not bad!! i tried their dumpling out too!! that’s really delicious~ (sigh fei mui everyhting look good for u.. now cost u gain weight dai sei*) sob..

  10. Wahh… Just had lunch but now this makes me hungry all over again! Lol.

  11. Waaahh…the dumplings look so delicious wor…i like i like..i been South City Plaza few times..just been to Wong Kok CCT at there 🙂

  12. lol, i was about to post this then u have them posted d… that’s real fast gal!

  13. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Wow, the drum steak really really looks delicious! I drooling now! The dumplings look good too! Too bad I don’t really know this area well.

  14. let me see if i can get similar food in Taiwan. Ha! The noodles looks yummilicious.

  15. oh wow..I’m hungry for that bowl of noodles! This time of the year is the worse for me! homesick!!!

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    oh, the broth is not oily 🙂
    well, I don’t think it’s oily… haha

    kelly mahoney~
    it tasted well too 🙂

    big boys oven~
    haha… so did you had gyoza?
    If you have the time, can drop by Seri Kembangan and we can go makan! ^^

    I’m like you too. Have a sudden crave for something after looking at it 😉 Feel like getting myself some dumplings now too ^^

    what? you have not tried? aiya.. the next time you go.. ask me along okie? ;P

    team bsg~
    hi 🙂 thx for dropping by!
    wow.. u can smell it? Incredible! haha.. well, it was good 🙂

    yea.. affordable and value for money, i thought 🙂

    Yes! fattening! lol
    but once in a while ok la.. haha, I always say this to myself ;P
    *excuses* ;P

    you “fei mui”?? oh no no…
    so slim some more say ‘fat’haha..
    and you’ve tried? good choice!;)

    kenny mah~
    you can have another meal during tea time again ;P ^^

    you should try this. It’s very near to Wong Kok 🙂

    haha.. my another ’emergency post’.
    wrote it after discussing with u about the ‘leek’ and ‘chives’ thingy ;P

    It’s really easy to get there 🙂
    I just go to South City Plaza for meals. most shops don’t open here…

    actually are these Taiwanese dishes? I don’t remember having these at Taiwan last time.. ;P

    Homesick is the worst thing 🙁
    Cheer up gal 🙂
    I’ll let you share the noodles with me ;P LoL…

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