Birthday Celebration Part 3: The Real Thing!

Guess I’m still suffering from the over-shocked and mania syndrome.
Well you see, I was anticipating for the night to come, where Chris had promised to take me out for a nice dinner which he refused to tell me where it’ll be. Let it be a secret then 🙂 I asked lotsa questions at the beginning, but got tired of it and gave up asking. He kept his mouth shut real tight! Diverging topics… he’s good 😉
A night before, had this conversation with mom and dad:

Mom: You have plans tomorrow night right? So we don’t need to celebrate with you ya.
me: Yea. Have plans
Dad: I thought of asking you to treat us a meal some more, since every year I’m treating you instead.
me: Haha.. I can’t.. Chris planned already. Next time ya ;P

The day arrived and after class, Chris and I went for a movie at Cineleisure and bought home 2 dozens of donuts from Big Apple. It’s unlike him to buy so many donuts at one go! Convincing me that he’s buying them for his family, I believed him 🙂

After that, we collected the birthday cake from Big Boys Oven. Our first order and it turned out ‘no regrets’ of course! I just love the macaroons and chestnuts coated and brimmed with chocolates adorning above the cheese cake! My favourite type of cheesecake which ain’t too cheesy and sour. Just heavenly good 🙂 Thanks to Sid and Sunny! 😉

Choco chestnut!

Headed home and rested ourselves for a moment, before grooming up for the dinner! Even while I was bathing my thoughts were distracted. “Hmm.. where we’ll be eating?” Giggling to oneself, I think I’m improvident! lol.
When I opened my wardrobe to pick my dress, a card from him was clipped securely together with my dress! So sweet of him! (Surprise no.1)

While I was busy make-up-ing myself, I could sense Chris was busying with something since he went up and down the stairs a several times. Nonetheless, I couldn’t care more. Just have to move quick with my make up.
I went downstairs and picked my favourite pair of pumps. When I placed them down on the front door, I NOTICED…. a few pairs of SHOES!!
Ok.. something is not right. I then went to the kitchen and my high school buddies jumped out abruptly!! Sorry to say that.. I wasn’t really surprised. I tried to act I’m surprised, but I can’t! But I’m really happy and they came by!! Just a minor flaw…. Anyways, still love you guys and the effort to surprise me.. priceless! (surprise no.2)

Chris then came down with a bouquet of flowers.. Roses and lilies! Definitely beautiful and Thanks again dear!

Bro then asked me to take group pictures at the garden, where I saw my uncle seated there with my grandpa. Greeted them and when I turned around, OMG..
my uni friends stood there…. arranging themselves, resembling a choir group, and sang me a birthday song!! I was startled, and shocked and… yes.. I cried 🙂 *blush*
Thanks to all of you again! (surprise no.3)

To all my friends, you guys celebrated with me in advance and there you were at my house with Chris… and my family to set me up!! I can’t express more. Just so overwhelmingly surprised and was on cloud nine!

Another turn, foods were prepared by mommy dearest! Mom and dad.. both of you were in the plan too! Thanks for everything. The food were simply delicious. (surprise no.4)
Due to the syndrome that I was suffering from at that moment, and was busy taking pictures, I didn’t get to capture any pics on the food served. Pictures on the food were from the courtesy of AiWei. Thanks gal!

the buffet
Homemade Yong Tau Fu (mom’s getting better at this)

Char Yuk (Braised pork with Wood Ear Fungus)

Satays from Kajang

Barbecued Spicy Chicken Wings

Other than these, mom also prepared Nasi Lemak, dried Birthday noodles, curry chicken and fruits 🙂

Everything was so unforgettable that night.
A very big thank you to Chris especially… for arranging everything just for me! Hiding stuffs from me was a torture right dear? Cos I kept bugging you! haha…
My family… for being participative! Love you all!

All my friends who cared for me! Thank you so much!


family~ I love!

with IMU guys

the IMU ladies!

a kiss from besties!

with him 🙂

Don’t finish all my macaroons!! XD

yay.. I got one for myself!

Treasure the ones you love,

Treat them with deference,

Love them,

From the heart,

Though we don’t show sometimes,

Deep down,
We should always be…
Be true to them.
Thank you for everything!

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24 Replies to “Birthday Celebration Part 3: The Real Thing!”

  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    happy belated birthday!..haha it must be kinda shocking when u were expecting some candlelight dinner eh?..very thoughtful…

  2. Wow… Chris really raised the standards up high for us guys and arranging birthday surprises leh… How now? Well, I got eight more months to plan, at least, hehe…

  3. awww..So sweet of Chris!! U r a lucky girl! Such a sweet couple too and that’s a huge bunch of flowers! 😉

  4. wow! such excitement! such great party!…love your poem too…could feel the lurve in that poem…sweet!

  5. christine, u hv a sweet chris..=) he’s really work hard to giv u surprise.. nice 1 =) happies belated bday to u once again..=)

  6. haihz..somemore wan to say “pretend” to be surprised…haihz…..let me tell yen and the rest…hahhaha…and u gonna treat us a dinner and make us a surprise jor…and we’ll see if u can surprise us or not..haha

  7. so the very sweet la..

    happy for you, really…

    gosh, the part where you said you cried, i was nearly moved to tears dy.. *paiseh*

    have a merry christmas and new year ait~


  8. yeah! such a great birthday dear:):) heee.

    happy holidays ya!

  9. oh and btw! the cake look so great! tell me next time how you order k girl:) mwahhss!

  10. wow…got fashion show too ! ^_^

  11. WAHHHh so sweettttt! someone of us can only dream of this kind of celebration

  12. .: babelearner :. says: Reply

    shoes were also a thing that we forgot when we had a birthday surprise for my friend, guess everybody was too busy hiding themselves and totally forgotten about the shoes…haha…very good friends and a caring boyfriend you have…HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY!!! ^^v

  13. awww..that was so schweett!!!!
    im so haPPY for you:) i BEt u HAd TONNES of fun..HUggies
    cya nxt year aight:)

  14. I hope it’s still not too late to wish you! Happy Belated Birthday! So blessed of you to celebrate with friends and family, and so much yummy food ^_^

  15. happy BBD to pretty you and may you be surrounded by sweet people like these ( and delicious FOOD too )every time in the days ( & nights ) to come…

  16. so sweet and u were moved to tears!LOL..
    that’s a very considerate bf u have..=))
    i noticed that u changed your clothes hehe..

  17. Happy belated Birthday!! hey…can celebrate again with food blogger ar?? LOL

  18. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    Wow such a great surprise birthday party!! Superb!

  19. what a beautiful birthday e! so sad, u are not suprised by us… sobzzz…

    hope you do like the food pics of mine. i have yet to cime up with this post. haihzzz

  20. looks like you had a really good B’day. Now come christmas…ya? hahaha

  21. Awww….that is so sweet!

  22. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    aaaaawwww so sweet of chris..other bfS would hate him so much for putting the standard too high

  23. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea! got shocked! ;P never thought of such huge surprise lol ;P

    kenny mah~
    Haha… maybe you could come out with something even better! 😉

    thx! that’s why… i’ll hold him tight! ;P
    the flowers… smells good too! ^^

    wow u could? thx for your compliments. Not as good as you in poems tho.. ^^

    yea 🙂 It’s very sweet of him. But cannot praise him too much! haha.. Ego level getting higher later ;P

    Of course I can surprise u in return! I think I could do better! haha..!

    I was really touched 🙂 sob sob… ^^ and you’re sharing your tears with me.. awww.. ;P
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! Happy hols and see ya next year! Hugz

    Happy Holidays dear! and… Merry Christmas! ^^
    Can try BBO’s cake! yummy 😉
    Very near your place.

    haha.. got meh?
    Lotsa different style you noticed? 😉

    my dream came true! 😉

  24. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea ;P some minor flaws..
    can’t make it perfect sometimes. anyway.. they’re already doing their best! haha.. glad to have all of them 🙂 so touched! thx ya!

    hiya gal 🙂 really had a great time 🙂 Happy hols and Merry Christmas! hope you’ll have a great celebration! See ya next year! Hugz

    thx! I really felt blesses to have all of them! Helped me regain the missing puzzle in life! 😉

    thanks ya! so sweet of you!

    oh? you noticed? haha… feel more comfy wearing pants at home ;P
    Happy Holidays gal! Huggies!

    that day when we go makan with Sid they all, they sang me a birthday song already.. haha. But you didn’t turn up wo.. so how? ;P
    you have to sing me a birthday song again!

    Big Boys Oven~
    Everyone loves the cake!! Thx again!!

    thx for the pics dear!!
    what could i do without you? 😉
    Next time… try surprising me again ;P haha.

    bar advice~
    hi 🙂 thx for visiting my blog.
    Christmas atmosphere is in the air now! Can’t wait for holiday vacations! yay 😉

    Precious Pea~
    I thought so.. hope he’ll do more of this! *I’m greedy* LoL.

    He raised the standard? lol.
    Issh.. can’t let him see what u wrote as he’ll put his nose up high! haha.

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