Shanghai 10 @ Bangsar Baru

Weeks ago, Yen had just finished with her distressing exam and together with AiWei, we’re out on a shopping mission once more! and this time…. Chris took his time off as our ‘chauffeur’. ;P We were in great delight to have him driving us all the way there, escorting us for our retail therapy cum chill out session!

We dropped by Bangsar Baru for boutiques crawling and before we have the dynamism to do so, we recharged our enthusiasm and had lunch at an eatery known as the Shanghai 10. Well, from its designation, you’ll definitely known what they are famous for. Yes. the Shanghai xiu long bao and La Mian.
Shanghai-styled eateries are no long a new notion in our metropolis. Another perception of delicacy mushrooming progressively, most of us acknowledged it, and I am one of them! ;P

An order with no stoppage at all, the Shanghai Double Boiled Soup Dumplings has became a custom. Wonder why they called it double boiled? Aren’t they suppose to be steamed? Whatsoever, a serving of 4 dumplings costs RM8. When these were served, there was a sudden displeasure in us all. We find that the dumplings were ‘tiny’. ;P However, this dainty preparation surprised us eventually…
The thin and smooth dumpling skin layering the juicy meat was flawlessly coupled. More to that, the flavoursome broth uplifted our appetite. Very luscious.

Since Yen had a sudden craving for spicy foodstuff, we had the Stir Fry Rice Flour Roll with Spicy Sauce. This was something recent for me as I rarely try any stir fry chee cheung fun. With the adequate amount of spiciness, this was a tasty dish. Appetite magnetizing and palate exciting. Another thumbs up! Priced at RM4.80.

We also had their Prawn Fried Rice for RM8.80. A normal plate of fried rice topped with fresh prawns. Despite the normal presentation and outlook, the rice was fried up with generous amount of eggs, coating them beautifully. Very fragrant indeed!!

Not to miss out any La Mian preparation of course, we went for their La Mian in Hot and Spicy Soup for RM7.80. Comparatively like the Szechuan style, the spicy and thick broth definitely has the kick! Although we find it a bit too spicy, I still find it irresistible ;P The la mian was incredibly smooth and went well with other ingredients including the soup base.

Dessert time!

Sweet Peanut Cream with Bun and Black Sesame Cream with Bun, both priced at RM2.90 each. Munificent portion with smooth and creamy liquidly texture.
Chris and I have better preference over the Sweet Peanut Cream as it had the distinctive and aromatic peanut scent!

Black Sesame Cream with Bun

Sweet Peanut Cream with Bun

No criticism over this eatery, we hurriedly pay the bill and headed off for our retail binge with lotsa thrill and energy! Thanks to the nice meal we had! ;P Yummy…

Shanghai 10

No.36, Jalan Telawi 2,

Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-2287 7366

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21 Replies to “Shanghai 10 @ Bangsar Baru”

  1. aww why the bun look lik snake? hahax.. but look really tasty!! mmm~

  2. The fried rice looks really good!

  3. stir fried chee cheong fun? havent tried before…sounds good though…hehe

  4. i heard food here tastes good! gonna try this place next time when i am around bangsar 😉

  5. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    sounds like a superb lunch, I had been wondering about this place for a long time, great to know it is good, price not too bad comparable, a must try soon.

  6. xiu long bao again :p
    the fried rice look so delicious..nice post !!

  7. wow. how would u rate the xiao long bao? is the skin thin enough?

  8. Isn’t the period after exams the best time?:D

  9. oh my… i miss da food here. we could go there for more. ok?!
    their dessert, the black sesame is great. xiu loong bao also very nice and da fried rice and la mien! MISS them all! price reasonable too!

    i wan the Stir Fry Rice Flour Roll with Spicy Sauce now….

  10. ♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ says: Reply

    the prawn fried rice looks delicious oh~ the prawn look big~ hehe..

  11. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    I’ve passed by this place many times but still haven’t been there. Next time for sure, we gotta visit this place. The la mian in hot and spicy soup looks so tempting!

  12. I had tried their outlet at Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, few months ago. For Xiao Long Pau, personally I prefer the Dragon-I.
    There do have some nice dishes. 🙂

  13. so much egg in the fried rice… must be delicious ~ ^_^

  14. *Eyeing on the peanut cream*

  15. Not sure bout your taste and your comment are true. But personally I tried to dine at Shanghai 10, the La mian and XLB was not really good. If you mention the taste nice, then I think you haven’t taste a better food.

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    like snake? haha.. well, i’m not sure, cos I didn’t eat that bun ;P

    precious pea~
    yea.. so captivating rite? it’s delicious too. 🙂

    it’s kinda new to me as well. You can give it a go when you’re back at KL. 😉

    oh you’ve heard? then u should try! hehe ^^

    big boys oven~
    know you’ve known… heading there soon? 😉

    haha.. we just couldn’t resist XLB everywhere we go!

    hm… the skin is thin enough. and.. it’s juicy inside!
    but I still prefer Dragon-i’s tho.. ^^

    agree! 😉 I’m still in the middle of my semester. sobz… miss those period! ^^

    reasonable price hor? Sure will head back again. and go for Mooie?? Can’t wait!! 😉

    it looked big.. haha. Just moderate in size. The fried rice, not bad at all! ^^

    since you love spicy food, I’m pretty sure you’ll like the hot and spicy la mian! Give it a go! ^^

    I prefer Dragon-i’s too, but the XLB here was ok as well 🙂
    Oh? they’ve an outlet at Avenue K as well? ^^ I’ve not been to Avenue K yet ;P

    yea.. I like having fried rice with lotsa eggs! ^^

    Ok ok.. I can give u a sip! haha 😉

    hi. Perhaps you had a bad experience there? I guess they’ve improved tho. We do find the food there not bad after all. anyway, it’s our first time there. There’s always room for improvement you know?
    Having to say that the food here tasted nice doesn’t mean that I’ve not tasted better food. You can’t control people’s taste, as it varies. Perhaps what are you trying to express is kinda offensive?
    Anyway, thanks having the initiative to place such a comment here.

  17. hey pui leng, this is my first time leaving comment here.. haha! Well, i love black sasame cream!!! Argh~!It looks yummy!The La Mian in Hot and Spicy Soup looks tempting too! Too spicy? I love spicy stuff!

  18. Sob! Sob! Reminds me of the days when I use to get delicious dim sum from Chef Loong while Chef Loong was still there before he left for Shanghai 10!

  19. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    i love shopping around the telawi area too, especially gossips and mooie

  20. SlowCatchUpKuan says: Reply

    they have a branch at sg. wang right? i tried that but just so-so lar. yet to try bangsar’s one. looks great!

  21. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    hi gal! thanks for commenting 🙂
    maybe we could hit bangsar together one day after class and tried these out together!! shop?? hehe.. ^^

    haha.. u can still dine at Shanghai 10 🙂 but dunno whether they have dim sum or not? 😉

    you do? I love this place 🙂 perhaps we could go together next time? want want? 😉 ^^

    they do? oh.. i didn’t know. you can try it here and then you can compare 🙂 I find it not bad after all ^^

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