Prince Cafe @ SS2

Having lunch at SS2 can sometimes be a hesitant. Caught in between with an array of food selections!! Yea.. we do, since we don’t frequently have meals here. Chris and I dropped by this area for lunch since we wanna try indulging our meal at somewhere different 😉

We chose over Prince Cafe, located just a few shops away from the One Noodle that I have yet to try.. Easily noticeable with its huge signboard extending with two shoplots. Another HK-styled restaurant we’ve noticed, business here was good. From white-collar executives to students, these patrons seemed to enjoy the food here 🙂
Acting in accordance, we wouldn’t wanna give this place a miss!

Deciding over for a set lunch, we had their Baked Rice with Pork Chop in Twin Sauce for RM16.90. This set meal came with the accompaniment of a drink and soup with choices of either mushroom or borsch.
3 types of sauces were available for selection; sweet corn white sauce, Italian red sauce or curry sauce. Chris opted for the significant colour and different taste; of red and white. Wise enough, they made a good combination. The pork slice were amazingly delicious! Such fond taste and meat texture!

Mushroom soup; came together with the set, was a let down. Not served hot, tasted like canned mushroom soup, *shakes head*

Chris’s favourite Iced Milk Tea was passable. Not too sweet ;P

An abrupt craving. Happens to me all the time… and this time I went for their Korean Style Hot & Spicy Noodle with Pork Dices, priced at RM9.90. Yes, I know what they’ll be serving me. This is no other than the conventional instant Korean noodle!!
But I just can’t help it ;P I thought it was delicious! Served with a sunny side egg, hams and pork dices, it aided my yearns! lol. 😉

They even serve the noodles with Kimchis!! very appetizing ;P

Will surely be back to try out other dishes as well as the desserts! Missed that out since we’re already satiated! 🙂

Prince Cafe

58,60, Jalan SS2/67,

Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 603-7874 3995

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14 Replies to “Prince Cafe @ SS2”

  1. have yet to visit this place after some bad comments from frens… maybe they had improved since then ~ ^_^

  2. used to lepak at prince last time.. aww their tomyam are real spicy.. but i wish they kept the same tasted.. =) the daily blackboard..

  3. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Passed by this place so many times but I haven’t visit it yet. Thanks for reviewing it! Might try it out next time!

  4. Ah… dish that is not served hot/warm. The mushroom sauce looks kind of thick also.

  5. the baked rice looks nice! don’t know can beat kim gary’s or not.

  6. i lurve korean instant noodles! especially with lots of kimchi…very appetising! but usually cook at home cos it’s cheaper..hehehe 🙂

  7. been to Prince Cafe few times..Pork Chop rice are highly recommended..i love their coffee+tea (ying yong)..price are very reasonable 🙂

  8. The logo looks kinda… obscene. hehe.

    They have another outlet at Robinson’s too.

  9. ohh?! start hanging out at SS2?!
    hehe. have yet to try out this place and there’s one in connaught. my coursemates visit there frequently but not me…

  10. Been there twice and I love their food..!

  11. ♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ says: Reply

    been there 1 time with my hongkie colleguea! The environment is quite nice but the food is ordinary level.

  12. I live so close to this place, drove pass it uncountable times, but yet haven’t try the place. Must really coax Hubby to bring me there soon before i move out of SS2.

  13. i tried their food b4
    not bad!

  14. celine from says: Reply

    Oh, the sunny side egg is so cute!

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