Malacca Trip Part 3: Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

It’s another crack of dawn back at Malacca. Sun’s up and we’re ready for a late breakfast. Popped by Jonker Street again for more delicacies.

And this time, we decided to pay Hoe Kee a visit.

Hoe Kee, well-known for their chicken rice balls, a time-honoured restaurant that had already built a reputable status in this little town. A must-try when you come by this area definitely.
I always have a high regard for old-fashioned eateries, especially where they are spruced up in a way that is intended to be attractively quaint. Plus, this place is tidy, organized and hygienic 🙂

The tables and chairs matched properly with the conservative and traditional interior.

We just ordered their famous and prominent Steamed Chicken and not to miss out for sure.. the Chicken Rice Ball 🙂 A serving that we wouldn’t normally have back at KL, we find their chicken rice ball was a thumbs up! Not soggy at all, the rice were aromatic and delectable! (RM5)

The Steamed Chicken turned out to be lip smacking as well. The meat was smooth.. and along with the tasty gravy populating the serving of chicken, it was simply delicious! Priced at RM12 for our portion for 4.

A hearty breakfast we had…! We left Malacca after this little feast and I’m still yearning for this place now ;P So little time… yet so many more stuffs, I mean food to discover!

Hoping for a re-visit for sure! At the mean time, I think I should plan another food expedition to other places first ;P

Hmm… any suggestions?

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball
No. 4, 6 & 8 Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.
Tel : 06-2834751

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12 Replies to “Malacca Trip Part 3: Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball”

  1. heard so much about this place…but cant find the time to visit, sigh…where else to eat ar? hmmm…singapore! hehe…

  2. Love their chicken rice ball too 🙂 and the pricing is more affordable than their red-house competitor.

  3. chicken rice ball!! i love chciken rice ball wif a lil bit of kicap pekat.. yammm~

  4. My Kitchen @ Sunway Mas Commercial Centre also served this type of chicken rice balls… maybe nearer for u to fulfill your cravings ? ^_^

  5. I miss Malacca rice balls… truly!

  6. been there, had it, it was great & marvellous!

  7. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Yeah, miss Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball a lot! Something special for a change. Yeah, felt as though there’s not enough time for food right?

  8. dont know why a lot of ppl like chicken rice ball… i cant stand it…

  9. Ate those when I was just 8 year old in Malacca. The recent visit only manage to eat satay celup. Must set a trip to Malacca again to savour those two famous delicacies.

    Next trip, I can recommend Ipoh or Penang. If you are adventurous, KK also got lots of nice food.

  10. chicken rice ball! i missed out that at time i travelled to malacca. sigh. i MUST have it on my next visit to malacca

  11. Malacca Chicken Rice Ball *Rocks*

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    maybe I should go for Singapore food when I’ve the time to… holiday again! recommend me ya! need guidance 😉

    xiu long bao~
    *nod nod* yes! I’ve also heard that the servings here were more delicious besides the cheaper price ;P

    with kicap pekat? I’ve tried that too! but.. I’ve forgotten to eat like that ;P lol

    oh? thanks for the info! will take note 😉

    there’re outlets in KL that sell chicken rice balls too.. perhaps you could savour them first to satisfy your cravings? haha.. like what lin239 said ;P

    big boys oven~
    yeap. we love it! ^^

    true! really not enough time.. ;P we were there for only about 1 and a half day.. so.. kinda packed 🙁

    why ya? ;P had too much until ‘jelak’ already? ^^

    hi. thx for visiting 🙂
    and your recommendations.. it’s great! just have to find the right time.. have not plan any yet. ;P

    and remember to try this when u make your way to malacca ya! ^^

    why miss? not enough time right? nvm… you’ll get a chance to try them definitely! 😉

    Give me 5! ^^

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